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Nintendo Released Data On Switch Gameplay Trends For The US, Japan & Europe

One interesting chart that Nintendo showed in their financial briefing was in regards to Nintendo Switch gameplay trends. Their data was gathered via the internet, and it applies to registered Nintendo Account users in Japan, the US and Europe. The chart indicates how much players use the console docked and undocked. You can see the full results down below.



  1. I primarily play in docked mode but I have used the undocked mode a few times since I had the dock & wires put up with the Switch tablet in my BotW Switch case. But I got that shit hooked up now so back to docked mode.

  2. Am I the only one a little irked at the fact this is being monitored? Being tracked by our governments isn’t enough? You would think we would be used to it by now….

    1. Google knows more about you than your own mother.

      This is innocent shit compared to what companies like Facebook does.

    2. I’m pretty sure this data was collected via survey. I’ve filled out two in the past month that were sent to me by Nintendo and both asked how I play my games, docked or handheld.

    3. What petric said. Google Search keeps track of what you search for so it can better help you find the stuff you want or are looking for. Anyway, this is probably a survey where they ask a couple thousand random people how they use their Switch. Or Nintendo gathered our data from how we use our Switch from the system itself. If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually a right we give them when we click the “I accept these terms & conditions.” that we have to read before we can use the system. Of course, every device we use has those things, not just Nintendo video game systems.

  3. I play docked whenever Im near a TV and have no upcoming errands. and I play handheld when I’m lying down in bed (morning or night) or if im a passenger in a car or anywhere without a tv or if i didnt bring the dock.

  4. So 30% of the Nintendo population plays exclusively portable. Maybe that’s because there are more indie games than AA, though it shows how clever was Nintendo to take on all the gaming population with their ‘catch’em all’ console. Still 70% of the people plays docked or in both mode. I do play in both mode: ARMS, Splatoon, Zelda mostly docked, Stardew both docked and undocked, as for an example.

  5. Playing mostly in TV mode but since I have Stardew Valley I played some time in Tabletop mode. In HH mode played maybe for 2 minutes. Playing with a Pro Controller in hands is better for me than having console in hands.

  6. Nearly 95% undocked. Dock is merely a fancy charger in this house.

    This number was the same for “Off-TV” play as well. It’s much more difficult to not share a TV with the family.

  7. I would say I probably play 30% docked and 70% handheld just because I take it with me on the train and find it a lot more comfortable and relaxing that way in general. Playing on the TV is just when I want a better visual and audio exprience

  8. I can’t believe how many people here are saying they played docked. I play like 1% docked. Never play the system docked. I mean my TV is always on my Xbox (The TV app, which acts as a second screen for my laptop), i’d have to change my input. I always play my switch in handheld mode. I don’t even put it in the dock to charge but like once a week. I’ll sit on my couch in front of my TV, and play in handheld mode.

  9. I prefer docked purely because they didn’t make the Switch very comfortable to hold in handheld mode. Holding such a flat console really doesn’t give you any grip.

    1. The Joy-Cons by themselves have pretty terrible grip, too. Even with the straps attached, the grip still sucks. It’s a nightmare to use the shoulder buttons. We need straps with better grip or bigger Joy-Cons.

  10. I’ve played a bit of both. I’d say more in docked, but I’ve played quite a bit undocked as well.
    I’ve put a ton of hours into my Switch since launch, and part of that is because of the convenience of being able to easily take it anywhere.

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