Total Downloads For Super Mario Run Have Reached 200,000,000

Super Mario Run has been downloaded a lot, and now we know the latest on exactly how much. Nintendo held a financial briefing tonight, where the company announced that the mobile game has been downloaded over 200,000,000 times. Approximately 180,000,000 of those downloads, or 90%, took place outside of Japan. Japanese downloads amounted to less than 10%, or 20,000,000. Unfortunately, downloads on mobile titles don’t mean anything in terms of profit. According to Nintendo, the game has not reached an “acceptable profit point,” but the good news is that they say that they have “learned a lot in terms of game development and deployment that we want to take advantage of moving forward”.



  1. They might have initially sold and made more money, if the game cost less than a Big Mac.
    I didn’t buy it until it was 50% off, and still have barely touched it.
    I’ve personally received a lot more enjoyment from FE Heroes, and I have spend some money on it to thank them for their service.

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