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Nintendo Estimates That Mario Odyssey Surpassed 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide In Its First 3 Days

It is no secret that Super Mario Odyssey‘s quality has recieved a lot of positive feedback, and it looks like that this quality is paying off. According to information from Nintendo’s financial briefing, the company estimates that the game has sold over 2,000,000 units worldwide in just its first 3 days. Nintendo is wanting interest in the game to grow throughout the holiday season, and they would like to see the game as an “evergreen title” that has longevity in the market beyond the holiday season.



  1. Like Grand Theft Auto V, right? That game released back in 2013 & it’s still in the sales charts!? lol That’s what I call longevity!

    1. GTA5 is in fact the fastest, high grossing game sale in the world; beating CoD in its first 24 hours in 2013 release. Hell, it could even beat Minecraft at this point if it ports to more systems like..Nintendo Switch. lol

      1. Thank you. One friend and myself are the only ones that bought Mario of 11 friends of mine with Switch. I though everyone bought Switch for that game lol

          1. More. But Norway is a Zelda country. Here you’re human garbage if you like games with colours in. Everything have to be black, gray and brown. So Mario and the likes aren’t pop.

      1. Yes it is. I can definitely see Super Mario Odyssey reaching 14 million lifetime sales and maybe Breath Of The Wild reaching 10 million

        1. IDK why people now have beef between BotW and Mario being better than one another. I equally love both and since both are fantastically reviewed games, let them co-exist without ripping each other’s throats. We all know with them two together, the Switch will dominate this holiday season and hopefully break 20 million units by March to beat the Wii’s first year records to set the stage of confidence with the system.

        1. I know. XD Sony-POnies are scared shitless. It’s why they’re trying to trash Switch over some ports and resolution like it means a goddamn difference. Or did they forget that their systems started exactly like that: never made it close to true 1080p/60FPS But Wii U and Switch did…by Nintendo’s own hard work.

    1. Very strange. Last time I played, 5 out of 6 online friends (from my friend list) played SMO at the same time. Only one played SV like I did.

    1. xD *points at Color Splash* You forgot that one. Oh & the Mario Party games with that crappy “everyone get in this car so no one can get first place & you’ll all have a fair shot to win & won’t fall badly behind the rest of the players.” or whatever purpose that stupid car had.

  2. Did you hear that everyone?. We can finally see Nintendo Switch becoming successful. What do you think if Nintendo gets Nintendo Switch sales up to 12 million units in 1 month?.

    1. No. It’s hard. But with the release of Super Mario Odyssey and the release of the games on this month (Sonic Forces, Doom and Rocket League) there is still a good chance that the Switch will sell like bread of every day.

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