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EA: No Rush To Make More Games For Nintendo Switch

EA has tested the Nintendo Switch waters with FIFA 18 on the platform and judging from Amazon charts it has performed relatively well. However, the company says its in no rush to produce more games for the Nintendo Switch. The company wants to wait until its been on the market a full year before deciding their support and what to bring.


  1. ||The Electron Army vendetta against us wll never stop until they die…||

        1. *snatches cookie* Wait! This is a raisin cookie! D:< *smashes cookie* You disappoint me! Now bring me chocolate chip! xP

      1. Especially with all those microtransactions in their games.

  2. GO FUCK YOURSELVES EA ALONG WITH CRAPCOM! Giving us the same bullshit excuses which is kinda funny because now they’re all the same dumb, greedy jackasses. Yes, you too UbiSHIT.

      1. Oh believe me, they more than deserve it. Where’s RE7? Where’s Watchdogs 2? Where’s Rainbow Six, Marvel Vs. Capcom, where the fuck is anything good from them? All we got is a port from a 25 year old SNES game and more Raving Rabbids crap. Bethdesa‘s First Switch year support gives us 3 big titles and yet, Capcom/EA claims “they don’t have time to work with Switch game development” but PS/XB somehow counts more by doing the same shit especially when XB1 sucked ass when it was released? FUCK THAT!

        1. Eventually they can’t port them without the moaning of people that expect PS4 graphics and features from the Nintendo Switch, a la Fifa 18.
          Some software will not come, that’s it. Still they are developing software for it.

          1. That’s not even Nintendo fans squealing. It’s the other side wanting an excuse to put down Switch because it’s becoming a threat to their dumbass “graphical superiority” ego even though we all know PC destroys their wannabe consoles.

            1. Publishers care only about money. In fact Capcom developed games for the Nintendo 3DS too, and will develop games for the Nintendo Switch. Not necessarily PS4 ports.

              1. Oh please. They always use Nintendo as testbeds after they move away from them knowing they’re more successful there and they still manage to fuck up afterwards. Crapcom is pure definition of stupid as EA is greedy.

      1. Excuse me but Crapcom gave us the same BS pass on supporting the Switch. IDGAF if they ported more games than EA, it’s still the same weak crap we already got FROM 25 FUCKING YEARS AGO. Ubisuck…oh don’t even get me started on party crap games like “Just Dance” or more Rayman/Raving Rabbids that no one cares for anymore.

  3. Given their current trend to develop minimal story massively micro transaction led games, I for one really can’t say I’m that bothered. The massive and genuine support from others third party and indie developers has already shown them up as the share holder led company they have become.

    1. As much as I agree, (I hate Microtransactions with a passion), I do like FIFA.

      And I fear that a lack of those games may deter buyer so of the Switch, who would usually play those games on PS4 or Xbox.

      I think the larger the variety, the better.

    1. Gotta give Nintendo credit for not telling EA to go fuck itself, though.

  4. EA believing they alone are the fate for Nintendo Switch lol. They probably didn’t expect the Switch to do well so they only had FIFA ready and thought “well after this bombs we won’t have to worry”. Except the total opposite is what’s happening and they haven’t even begun making anything else for Switch.

    Then they make comments like this and wonder why they get all the hate from Nintendo fans. Open your eyes (E)xtreme (A)sses …

    Personally I could care less but having them on Switch brings variety to those who want their games. It just rubs me wrong when they hold their nose in the air like they are Gods gift to gaming lol.

    1. You would have to royally fuck up to mess up a licensed sports game you’ve made since 90’s.
      Battlefield has went down the drain since BF 4. And really was not impressed with Battlefield Star Wars edition either.

  5. EA: Durr, the Switch is selling really good and stuff, but we’re, uhh… idiots and can’t port games because we don’t see success until a console has been on the market for a year or more….

    Me: Is that what you did for PS4, and XboxOne? Sounds like a new thing, or a load of BS to me.

    1. Honestly, the last game I bought from EA was ME3 on Wii U… oh well. I don’t feel like their idiocy and crappy sports game selection not being on the switch is a loss in any way. They are still bitter about Nintendo not giving them full control of the Wii U eShop setup.

  6. *laughs* Not surprised. I wonder what their excuse will be when March 3rd rolls around & the Switch does manage to sell 17m or more. “Our only game on Switch (Fifa) didn’t sell half the amount of copies as the Switch itself, so we won’t be bringing any more games to the system.” And I wonder who’s fault will that be. Oh right! Yours because of this bullshit statement here! Electronic Assholes are just too fucking stupid to realize they shot themselves in the foot once more. Not like they’ll care. There are plenty of casuals buying their stuff that they honestly won’t give a rat’s ass about the more hardcore gamers they piss off.

    1. Sure all companies like the money but money is clearly the ONLY thing EA cares about. They’d probably sell literal shit if millions of people would be stupid enough to buy it.

  7. It’s nice to have three companies representing the worst of the regions:

    EA – the shit company of the US
    Ubisoft – the shit company of the Europe
    Capcom – the shit company of the Japan

    1. Eh at least Ubisoft made an impressive, not a sequel, system exclusive game in the first year of the Switch and it had barely any of the awful Ubisoft baggage that comes with. Of course buying South Park on the PC reminded me of all the reasons Ubisoft is so frustrating.

      1. I’d have to agree with Skull, though. One good game from them on Switch doesn’t erase all the other crap they’ve pulled.

      2. Oh sure, but I worked as a dog trainer years back. You still have to reward the good behavior if you want change. If you only punish, they’ll just get confused and maybe try to eat you.

        1. As a Nintendo owner, I’ve given up on Ubisoft & Capcom. As a Sony PlayStation owner, on the other hand, I’ve bought every AC & RE game they have available on the PS4. Of course, the damage is done as I don’t even bother defending the company themselves anymore. All I care about is those games. Least til they screw those up.

      3. Where’s the Switch version of Steep (honestly they should just cancel altogether)?
        Instead of a new Rayman, they milk Legends again, without reason to call “Definitive Edition”.
        More Just Dance and Rabbids crap (sorry, I don’t give two shits about Mario + Rabbids).

        So Ubisoft is crap too. Although of the three I mentioned, the best of the worst.

      4. Whether or not you care about Rabbids, it doesn’t change the fact that they did something for the Switch that most companies have not done yet, and it is the highest reviewed Switch game on metacritic from a third party AAA studio (8.5, 8.7 user). That’s a really important exclusive contributed very early on in a system’s launch. And with the Mario cast behind it, it more or less gave them an extra “first party” title in the launch window that critically performed better than some of their other first party releases. For what its worth, Rabbids were in much better form than I remember when I played the first on the Wii. They were pretty toned down and just mild slapstick.

      5. It’s a game that absolutely nobody asked for. Being high ranked on Metacritic doesn’t change that. A new 3D Rayman, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, maybe even a new Zombi game, but no, let’s make a crossover of Mario with the most despised Ubisoft characters and call it our “support”.

        And since it has Mario, obviously it’s a good (gameplay) game. Nintendo takes very good care with it’s IPs and makes sure nobody screws up with them.

        Honestly Metacritic rankings aren’t nothing. People can bitch about a game for really petty reasons (happens all the time with some PS/Xbox games, to be fair). The Switch already had BotW, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Splatoon 2, and Pokken Deluxe was close to launching. No need of Rabbids crap.

        And about the “most companies haven’t done yet”:

        -Konami launched a good Bomberman game for once (won’t forgive them for their BS, but I’m willing to buy Super Bomberman R).
        -Square Enix already announced Octopath Traveller since the January 13th.
        -SEGA already announced the new Shin Megami Tensei since January 13th.
        -Suda 51 already announced the new No More Heroes game since January 13th.

        “But those games aren’t out yet”, true, but this is some serious goodwill of their part to announce them this early and assure that the Switch will have a huge, diversified and fun library in it’s lifetime. Ubisoft? Just Dance, Rayman Legends (with nothing “definitive” about it), Steep (at risk of being cancelled), crossover with Mario and Rabbids…

        1. Many find new IP, at least as important as sequels, if not more so. It’s certainly more of an investment risk than a sequel, especially considering it had a MUCH larger budget than say Bomberman or Octopath. Metacritic, though flawed at times, is still a useful collection of data (useful enough that bonuses in the industry depend on it). Sales data at launch showed it was the best selling third party at the time (we don’t know sales after launch) Data is more important than an individual’s anecdotal experience.

          I don’t buy AC or Far Cry games and thought GTA V was mind numbing, immature drivel. But I recognize their importance. Bomberman had a terrible launch with a too high price and failed to be a better game than what I can play on my SNES. And I’d be surprised to see if Shin Megami Tensei or No More Heroes outsells Rabbids since SMT gets little traction outside of Japan and the last NMH sold pretty terribly. I hope they do. But when I’m talking games to someone like my sister or mother-in-law, they’d have no interest in any of the games you listed. They’d enjoy Rabbids. And that’s the kind of folk who have bought the Switch that didn’t buy a Nintendo console last generation. Nintendo needs all kinds of gamers, not just the ones that argue about games on gaming websites, for the Switch to succeed.

    2. Sounds about right. Of course, EA is the shit company of the entire world in the video game industry, so Ubisoft & Capcom are nowhere on EA’s level.

      1. Well least not yet, anyway. But they do still have a ways to go.

        1. Let’s not forget that Konami is somewhere behind them, too.

  8. Where did EA go? Oh right there under all the copy and paste games they make and the corpses of the brilliant companies they destroyed

    1. You know what would be a quick easy buck EA? A Popcap collection on the Switch. Do something with the brilliant IP you consumed and ignore.

      1. Because right now I’m not sure whether to buy the PS4 or the Switch and I have had about a 50-50 opinion from people I’ve asked regarding which platform is better.

        1. Some people are going to hate hearing me say this but the PS4 is superior if you want data storage that is cheap since the PS4 can use external HDDs which hold a lot more data for a lot less than Micro SD Cards which get more expensive the more data they can store. But if you don’t mind expensive data storage, the Switch isn’t a bad choice to go with if you can afford it.

          1. I can afford both and I’m given the choice of either Switch or PS4. So I’m just going around asking for opinion and so far I have a 50-50

            1. If I was gonna get Fifa, I’d personally get it on PS4 to conserve save data on Switch for exclusives.

    1. Well:

      1- Do you like Nintendo games? If yes, Switch. If no, PS4.
      2- Do you like Sony games? If yes, PS4. If no, Switch.
      3- Do you like Western games? If yes, PS4. If no, Switch (Switch will receive many more amazing Western games – but some of them won’t make the… Switch, like Ubisoft’s, EA’s, Activision’s…)
      4- Do you like JRPGs? If yes… And there’s where it goes complicated. PS4 already have a solid JRPG library, but the Switch are shaping up to give Sony a run of his money. SMTV, Octopath Traveller, Xeno 2 are interesting titles. But Persona 5, Tales of Berseria (at least if it doesn’t receive a Switch port), Nier Automata (if it can be called a JRPG) are interesting titles too.
      5- Do you like fighters? If yes, PS4 is the obvious choice, although Switch will get BBTAG, have Pokken and will get Smash Bros. in the future. It’s a little complicated, but easier to decide than if you analize using JRPG as the determinant.
      6- And do you intends to play multiplayer all the time? If yes, PS4. Switch’s multuplayer still are shaping up, although it have good multiplayer titles.

    2. If you can wait, I woyld say wait a bit longer and see how the Switch is within a year lifespan, but if you cant wait, get a PS4. It has the biggest catalogue, the most diverse genres, and just bigger install base for those multiplayer games. Of course that means no Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kart, and Smash.

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