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L.A. Noire Switch Requires A 14GB Download For Physical And 32GB For Digital

You may want to invest in a MicroSD card if you’re looking to get future titles on the Nintendo Switch. Rockstar have revealed today that the upcoming L.A Noire on the platform will require a 14GB download for the physical edition and if you are opting for the digital edition its going to take up 32GB of space.


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32 thoughts on “L.A. Noire Switch Requires A 14GB Download For Physical And 32GB For Digital”

  1. Ah, that almost makes me want to pass. I want to support 3rd parties but 32gb would fit on one cart! Maybe “Doom” get picked up first, as only the multiplayer is a seperate download.

    1. One cart? I am sorry, but Switch games will become bigger and bigger over time, not the opposite, you kinda asked for it by buying a 32GB MicroSD, when it was clear that to stay safe you will need a 128GB cart, and to future proof you better buy a 256GB cart, thank god black Friday is coming.

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  3. The mathe doesn’t add up. If the physical version is on a 16GB card then the download should also be 16, not 14. Where’s the extra 2GB for digital coming from?

    Also, guys, Rockstar is owned by the same company that owns 2K. This isn’t surprising.

      1. $20 is quite a lot for being able to play a game. And for them to have to relive on a pseudo-holiday price cut to make it reasonable is quite ludicrous…

        I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy a microSD at any rate; I am merely making the point that if you wanted to play solely this game you barely can without digging into your pockets.
        That is a very bad way to plan a release of a game, as they will like it blame potential low sales on other things.

    1. Your argument is that $20 is too much for a 256GB microSD. I have no sympathy for you, sir. If you want big third-party games, the sizes are gonna be big. Do you even know how long it takes to download the games on Xbox? My father bought an Xbox One quite a while back, and got Battlefield for it. It literally took all night (about 6-10 hours) just to download the game. Don’t tell me that Switch is in the wrong. It would take a lot of space anywhere you go, it’s just that the Switch comes with less internal space, but guess what. Everything else the Switch offers externally makes up for it. I think you can scrape up your $20 to buy a huge microSD. And hell, people pay online to play games. Exhibit A : Overwatch. You CAN’T play Overwatch without paying for online. No gameplay at all. So you pay $60 for the game, then ANOTHER $60 just to play the game for A WHOLE YEAR. And here you are complaining about $20. Come on, really?

  4. Personally I would rather pick up the cost of the larger cart at the retail end than have massive chunks to download after purchase. Charge me the difference that way I actually have the choice of physical or digital rather than part physical and digital or full digital. At the end of the day they are still passing on the cost to the consumer who will need to invest in a card to accommodate the down load. I’d prefer a more honest and transparent approach. Our game is this big, we need to cost in a bigger cart its now a fiver extra. But you can play straight away no download required and you don’t need to buy a new card yourself.

    1. Are the 32GB cartridges in mass production already? They need to bump those numbers up to 64GB, or more just so we won’t have to download “required gameplay data”.

  5. Stupid stuff. I love the switch but the lack of internal memory will always be its biggest downfall.

    I do believe the game carts should house the entire game. I’m not buying anything that requires such a large download on top of the storage. I don’t mind local patches and saves or DLC, but I want to be able to play the game immediately after putting it in my console.

  6. This is how you turn off potential customers. I was excited to purchase the game again for Switch, but seeing how 3rd party companies punish customers with huge updates, I feel no need to buy it.
    Maybe 2K should ask Nintendo for help about compression processes.

  7. I have a 200 GB Micro SD in my Switch but this is a dealbreaker for me anyway. I really hope that external harddrive support will come to the Switch asap. I dont need all the games on the system itself.

    1. Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

      In before someone ignores the fact you can transfer data between the internal memory & the external hard drive on tons of systems, so they can falsely claim that external HDD support would break the portable aspect of the Switch.

  8. Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

    I fear with the crappy internal memory for Switch & the lack of no alternative to the more expensive Micro SD Cards when compared to external HDD’s that can hold far more data for a lot less that it will negatively effect most 3rd party games & cause them to sell less. This could potentially cause the system after Switch to suffer a major issue that the Wii U had: lack of AAA 3rd party support. Some will foolishly cry “but Nintendo will do great without them!” while ignoring the fact the Wii U proves them dead wrong.

  9. Compression geniuses they are not. They might want to ask Ninty for help on that- if Breath of the Wild can be scrunched down to 14 gigs, I see no reason L.A. Noire (or any large file game, really) can’t also have it done.

    This, sadly, is a deal breaker for me.

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