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Reggie Advises He Is Aware Of The Concern Of Losing Save Data On The Switch

Unlike, Sony and Microsoft, who have Cloud saving technologies on their latest consoles, the Nintendo Switch has no way for the user to back up their save files at present. This has caused some growing concern for users who have put a lot of time into games on the console,

The latest Switch update has allowed the ability to transfer accounts from one console to another, however this does not protect save data in the case of hardware failure or accidental deletion of the files.

In an interview with Mashable, Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about this concern, to which he responded with:

“You’re talking to someone who has completed 120 Shrines, and I think I’m at 400 Korok seeds and growing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So I understand what it’s like putting a lot of time into content, and the thought of that content not being there.

We’re aware of the concern. Certainly, Nintendo is a consumer-oriented company [and] we want to make our consumers happy. We’re aware of the concern and it’s an area we’re going to continue working on to make sure that we can alleviate some of those consumer fears of having a content-based issue.

Because of the type of platform we have — it’s something that is on the go as well as connected in the home environment — there are some added complications. It’s not as simple as a piece of hardware that never moves and is always connected in an online environment.”

It is good to know that the problem has been acknowledged, however, how it will be addressed is still unknown at this point.

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      1. Who cares. Not everyone can use all the features, still they are request from a big majority of people. Not everyone use motion controls, still they are implemented.

    1. Well, if they don’t want people to start over to there games from the beginning. So, i think its time for them to investigate cloud save data for the switch.

  1. Yea PS Vita does cloud saving with no problems as well as voice chat and parties . It might not have been successful but the Vita really had all the features you could want transferred over from consoles. I can only hope the switch comes to be more like the Vita in terms of online functionality

      1. Lol yes Nintendo is getting a paid service as well. It costs money to operate you know so don’t assume nintnedo will give cloud saves for free. And I have never had a problem with cloud saving on my Vita so I’m not sure wt your referring to other than cost.

    1. “Lol yes Nintendo is getting a paid service as well.”

      Which has already advertised a price that doesn’t include cloud storage. They are specifically targeting a demographic that doesn’t want to pay the price attached to Sony systems, the overwhelming majority of which are not obsessive enough of gamers for it to be a worthwhile cost.

      “And I have never had a problem with cloud saving on my Vita so I’m not sure wt your referring to other than cost.”

      I have.

      1. Ok stating you have had a problem with cloud saving on Vita with no explanation of how does nothing to add to the discussion just baseless arguing and it sounds like you hold a personal grudge against Sony which is fine. My original statement was about great functionality on the Vita as a whole and how the switch could really take a page out of the Vita’s book. Cloud save, parties, voice chat, trophies, etc. None of which the switch has.

    2. Well, if they don’t want people to start over to there games from the beginning. So, i think its time for them to investigate cloud save data for the switch.

  2. This is one of the reasons why i still go physical with nintendo products. I wish club nintendo was a thing, a quality card case would be good when i get more games.

        1. Oh yeah. I remember now. They said the carts aren’t re-writeable which means nothing can be saved on them. So yeah, your saves are still going to the system’s internal memory.

        2. I should be asking that with the other 2 OC-wanna twat consoles that forces you to download the game from the disc and choke up the HDD which is even worse since the game’s there are unbelievably large.

          1. I think the only point to getting physical now is having a copy of the game when the digital store ever shuts down. Might not seem much now but it may make a difference in the longrun.

  3. Someone on reddit suggested this solution:

    “You know what Nintendo had at their disposal to make save management easy? If they had made it possible to save games to cartridge as well as to the system, then they could just introduce a Switch save backup cartridge. You back up to their proprietary cartridge type, and boom, no SD card, no hacking, no requirement for online.”

    1. Proprietary didn’t stop PS2 and GC hackers. It just enabled Sony to price gouge on PS Vita memory cards.
      Best way would be to handle it the same way Steam and Xbox One do. If you’re offline it just loads your save off the harddrive and syncs your progress to the cloud later

        1. Since it’ll be connected to a universal account system we are paying for, there is no reason for Nintendo to stop the service since they can just carry it over to their next system, just like PlayStation Network was carried over from PS3 to the PS4 & Vita. It was also expanded to smartphones, tablets, blu-ray players, & HD televisions. But this is Nintendo, after all. It’s possible they’ll want to be different from Sony & Microsoft, so they’ll create some new system for some “innovative” (dumb) reason & end the one we have now.

        2. Since it’s the same service as Nintendo Network with subscription, they’re not gonna cancel it like that. Miiverse was Dead the second Nintendo started adding bullshit restrictions that drove its popularity away just like the console itself. WiiConnect24 and Wii Shop Channels are now primitive services and will be replaced/improved on Switch. Who still uses the Wii’s online when it’s been canned for years? We had a good near decade of online from it right…oh wait, people said it was crap. That’s why they canned it.

          1. The only downside of Wii Shop Channel ending is several exclusive (by third-party/indie developers) games will be lost forever (outside of risky WAD installations).

              1. -Jett Rocket (in an age where 3D platformers, especially on Nintendo consoles, are scarce)
                -Castlevania: Age of Rebirth (even if you’re not a fan of the franchise, this is FucKonami we’re talking about, so this game most likely won’t be rereleased, especially since Igarashi left)
                -Bubble Bobble Plus
                -Bust-A-Move Plus
                -Super Smash Bros. 64 (with GC controller support)
                -Adventure Islands: The Beginning
                -Sonic 4: Episode I (for Sonic fans, otherwise play Sonic Mania)
                -Pokemon Puzzle League
                -WarioWare, Inc. D.I.Y. Showcase
                -Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure

                GameXplain mentions all the VC games here:

                1. Jett Rocket sucks (I have the second game)
                  Castlevania is pretty much retired thanks to the new DUMBASS Konami which is Capcom 2.0 and we’re getting Bloodstained anyway
                  Bubble Bobble…seriously? I use to like it but it’s not a huge loss
                  Bust-A-Move, another “nothing of value was lost” scenario
                  Smash Bros. 64 w/GC, I’m not too worried because I know deep down the VC will happen and Switch has GC Controller support So there is hope for it
                  Adventure Islands…WTF is that? Sounds like a mobile phone game. Oh wait…
                  Sonic 4…last I checked, the minority of Sonic fans like it despite its awkward and stupid physics change
                  Pokémon Puzzle League…ever heard of the 3DS port? Torzei is also there so nothing big really
                  WarioWare DIY, we probably will get another WarioWare eventually.
                  Rainbow Islands…again, WTF is that?

                  None of these games aren’t hurtful to lose. Seriously, they’re not.

                  1. 1. How about you actually TRY these hidden gems before acting ignorant and declaring they’re bullshit. You can at least do a Google search. There’s no excuse to not know anything.
                    2. I’m aware of the sequel, but the first game actually got positive reviews, so you can’t judge the first game based on the second game. They’re on two different platforms (for starters).
                    3. Adventure Island is a classic Hudson series (same people who made Bomberman).
                    4. Pokemon Puzzle League and Trozei are two completely different games. The former is actually based on Panel de Pon (a.k.a. Yoshi’s “Tetris”).
                    5. How old are you anyway? (and I want a 1-2 digit number)
                    6. Again, GOOGLE THESE GAMES, before making so many baseless assumptions.

                    But based on your logic, don’t even bother playing Breath of the Wild, just play Dark Souls instead, and go play Super Mario 64 instead of Odyssey. It’s cheaper and worth as much as you.

  4. Reggie was doing fine… til what sounds like an excuse to me pops up. Just add freaking cloud saves. It’s not needed when on the go but it is needed when we are using it at home. Tell me. What’s the point in a hybrid home console/handheld if you aren’t gonna make sure it eventually has the best of both worlds? Add the cloud saves. Add external HDD support. And add the other features that should be on the system itself that the smartphone app has. People. Want. Options. If the portable aspect has to be sacrificed for those that want these features, so freaking be it. People like me will gladly sacrifice it for those features. As for those that don’t want to sacrifice portability, well all I got to say to them is Don’t. Freaking. Use. Them. As. They. Will. Obviously. Be. OPTIONAL! If 20 bucks is too low of a freaking price for the internet related features, easy fix. Have a freaking pay tier system for paid online. For $20, people get whatever is already planned with the paid service. For, say, $40, people get what others get at $20 plus the stuff that couldn’t be part of the $20 plan. Simple. Nothing complicated about that at all. Otherwise, Nintendo is just being cheap.

  5. What about storage? We need cloud saves, SD data backup like the 3DS, Switch Cartridge medium to increase to 64GB while making it affordable so those cheapskate 3rd parties will STFU about it and also offer a bigger internal Switch storage drive as well as updating the system for USB memory expansions/HDD.

    1. Sadly, at some point, Nintendo is going to claim they can’t get external HDDs to work with Switch. Then they’ll tell you about the Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards that they partnered with Sandisk to make. These cards sadly will cost more than the Sandisk cards with the same amount of data that don’t have the Nintendo Switch brand name on them. Why? Because for every one sold, Nintendo gets that extra bit of money you paid for the thing & Sandisk keeps the amount they would have gotten anyway if you had bought one of their cards with the same amount of data that doesn’t have the Switch name.

      After all, I should know. I bought one of Sandisk’s 128gb Micro SD Cards for Nintendo Switch at Wal-Mart for $73.83. I then checked the Sandisk 128gb Micro SD Card price & it was being sold for 53 bucks & something cents. With taxes, I surmise it’ll come to around 56 bucks. So I paid a premium. I haven’t opened the thing & still have the receipt. I’ll most likely be taking it back to Wal-Mart tomorrow to get my money back & go buy the cheaper 128gb card from Sandisk. Or I might buy the 200gb Micro SD Card which was being sold for around 70 bucks. With tax, I’ll only have to pay a few extra bucks compared to the Switch one at 128gbs. (I was afraid when I heard Ninty made that deal with Sandisk that some bullshit was gonna happen.)

      1. I for one know they won’t try that HDD avoidance because now the storage is becoming a hinderance…again and we all know whatever secondary branded stuff usually costs more so we go for the standard or other cheaper options. I got my 128GB from GameStop at $45 when it was on sale so I’m good for now but that’s not enough. Games are becoming so fucking heavy on digital storage medium that it’s very hard to keep up. Not even the other 2 consoles can hold more than 7 or 8 fully digital downloaded games without choking up the entire HDDs. It’s getting ridiculous but at least the good side of this is Nintendo games doesn’t suffer from this problem since they are actively COMPRESSING THE GAME SIZE TO BE MANAGEABLE! Third parties are no longer concern of making quality games with hard work anymore. They are just reusing and saturating the same fucking FPS genre to death with Microtransactions so far up its ass without any creative care or thought on hardware preservation.

    1. There’s no way to defend this one wannabe Ultron or whatever the fuck you’re cosplaying. lol Anyway, storage is becoming a bane right now in gaming no matter which system you preference. Even the 1TB HDDs on PS4/XB1 is still not enough to hold several to a dozen games because they stupidly build the system to download the games directly from discs instead of reading them which is a huge dumbass step down from the last consoles. this point, IDK what they’re thinking or planning even though they smartly future proof the Switch for the eventual 2TB SD cards when it happens which is far away from now since SanDisk is only at 512GB maximum. The wise thing to do right now is 1. Update Switch OS to allow external HDDs via USB 2.0/3.0/C since I have a 500GB ready for it, update the Switch to allow SD cards save backup like on the 3DS (also throw in Streetpass feature while they’re at it), ENABLE CLOUD SAVE and update the Switch for multiple saves via SD card transfers by PC, moving data between cards and read them no matter which one. Lastly, manufacture a 64GB Switch cartridge while reducing cost of all Switch carts would also greatly help eliminate most of the problem since most games now haven’t surpassed 64GB threshold yet.

      1. ||Some type of solution will be presented around the time High Command reveals their online system…||

        ||And a sidenote, why do you continue to persist about Streetpass cattle tool?…||

        1. Well they better do something fast because it’s aggravating people. Start with the USB HDD/FlashDrive support, then manufacture Switch carts with 64GB while dropping its prices for devs to acquire and then bring on the cloud saves.

          As for Streetpass, I really love that feature and it’s a means to enhance and entice the portability of Switch and it’s games. I like to go around searching for extra content and people to verse against.

  6. Cloud saves can still come later, and honestly, they had better- just the option would be enough. Hell, if they introduce a premium online package for $30 that includes cloud saves, I’d be in for it (better to have and not need instead of need and not have).

  7. The whole e shop needs to be revamped, it was pretty basic for launch which is okay. However with soo many games coming the system it needs an overhaul. Make the e shop easier to navigate (the Wii u e shop imo was a lot better) bring the virtual console, and cloud back up with thier online service, I reckon by early next year we will see an update that will change the experience for better.

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