Nintendo Switch

Here’s The Nintendo Switch “Moments Come To Life” Trailer

The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost 7 months now, but if you think that Nintendo is done with Switch trailers, think again. Nintendo has uploaded a brand new trailer on their YouTube channel that shows off the console. The theme is “Moments Come To Life”, where elements from a game being played at that point in the video show up in real life. For example, Bowser is in the backseat of a car that two gamers are in. The trailer can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.




  1. Nintendo is advertising more and with higher quality than the Wii U days.
    It makes sense. They are aiming for a more adolescent demographic in this commercial.
    I want to see them advertise to a more mature audience even still.

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      1. Teenagers today plays GTA which is a game for people up 17.

        So I don’t see any problem to watch Doom on the video.


      2. *also points at the fact this is a commercial by Nintendo* You really think Nintendo, NoA in particular, are gonna put a game rated M for Mature (17 & up) into a commercial targeting teenagers 16 & below?


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