Sonic Forces Speed Battle Is Available Now Worldwide

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is available now worldwide on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded via the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Android:
  • iOS:


  1. Well, it seems that it’s gradually chugging out to countries instead of all of them at once. (Considering that the game still isn’t avaliable in my country, and I live in North America)

    1. If it is chugging it’s moving at a snail’s because a day has already passed and I still can’t find it in the App Store.

    2. Nevermind I found it. You have to type in the full name of the game in order for to show up in the results.

    1. I think it’s due to the fact that it’s Sonic Forces related

  2. lol Now they’re just desperate to spread an audience of this lack luster game. I say lack luster because those leaks proved it’s nothing new or special. They tried to play the whole “Dark war scenario” epic on us but it’s just bullshit.

    1. ill reserve judgement until i play the game… i mean i dont play sonic games for story, if its fun to play i dont care too much. That being said, despite my hopes for the game, my expectation is a decent game at best and a bad game at worst

      1. Oh yeah, those boss fights look really boring and piss easy.

    2. The only thing that’s lackluster is the Custom Hero stages the rest looks pretty good, in my opinion.

      Especially the Classic Sonic stages.

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