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Resident Evil: Revelations 1 And 2 Info On Controls, Performance And More

Fans of horror games and Resident Evil games, in particular, will no doubt be looking forward towards the end of this month when Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 becomes available on November 28th for Nintendo Switch. The folk over at Nintendo Everything stumbled across a Japanese article where someone got to chat to a few Capcom reps at an event. The information provided by the reps is rounded up detailed below:

  • Revelations 1 and 2 are based on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions
  • Joy-Con support with motion control and HD Rumble
  • Joy-Con share play is only available in Revelations 2
  • All DLC is already included from the start
  • Supports multiple languages in both voice and text
  • Local co-op
  • Revelations features a 1080p resolution when playing on a television, and 720p resolution in portable mode
  • Revelations is 60fps
  • By holding ZL on the Joy-Con, you can aim your gun with the right Joy-Con’s motion control
  • Use the left Joy-Con as a magazine to simulate a reloading motion
  • Other motion controls include slashing horizontally to simulate a knife attack, and swinging for a quick reload
  • Motion controls are optional and can be set to on or off from the options settings
  • Motion controls are not supported with the Pro Controller
  • Classic controls are also available
  • HD Rumble allows for more detailed and complex vibrations, meaning new kinds of rumble not available in PS4/XB1 versions
  • Revelations 2 also runs at 1080p when playing on a television
  • Revelations 2 is not 60fps
  • Due to the fewer buttons available when sharing Joy-Con, the developers have said that it will have a unique control scheme.

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  1. time to buy Revelations 1 a fourth time and Revelations 2 the first time, 1st time was on sale on the 3DS eshop, 2nd time was day one on Wii U port, 3rd time was I needed space on my memory card so i got a used copy from ebay for very cheap, 4th will be this.

  2. I wish the Switch version of BotW had optional motion controls. *sigh*

      1. Oh, right. I forgot about the puzzles that used them. And the aiming. And the terrible bow aiming.

      1. *points at comment above* Someone already reminded me. Anyway, yeah. That’s what I meant by motion controls. If I had remembered it did have them for other crap, I would have said something more along the lines of “I wish it had motion controls for swinging weapons.”

  3. Really glad I’m getting this. Looks like Capcom is really making an effort with this game

  4. I’m waiting on my new 128gb card.
    At this rate even that wont be enough.
    Hopefully 256 cards drop prices in near future.

    1. With 128GB being $45-50 the cheapest if you know where to look, I’m sure 256 will be next to drop around $60 next year and 512GB-1TB will be roughly the same price as 256 now. Better yet, Nintendo needs to update the system to enable external HDD via USB so we can get an instant access to 1-2TB drives for less than MicroSD cards.

      1. I got a Toshiba Canvio Desktop 2tb HDD years back, intending to use it for Wii U til it broke & I lost interest in it, for around 80 bucks. Compare that to a 200gb Micro SD Card from Sandisk I spent 84 bucks & something cents on that I bought the other day after taking that NS Sandisk 128gb card back that I bought. So glad Sandisk will be getting 100% of my money for that 200gb one & none of it will go to Nintendo’s punk ass. In this case, NoA’s pathetic, rundown, moron led division of Nintendo. Anyway, I hope that 200gb is enough to hold any other exclusives I get for Switch along with any DLC for them. Otherwise, my Switch purchases are probably gonna come to a dead halt til external HDD support is added. Hopefully it’ll be a thing before then as that’s a bridge I don’t want to come to as I honestly would like to continue buying exclusives I like on Switch.

  5. Meanwhile, no HD RE4-7 ports but yet another Revelations 1 rehash we already played twice over before. LAZY! Even though we’re getting Revelations 2, it’s digital only. LAME!

    1. Tough one to please aren’t you? That’s two Resi down in one go, and nobody is saying they won’t release other Resi in time.
      What were your thoughts on the initial Resident Evil 4 release for PS4 considering we already had it on Cube, a nightmare of a botchjob on PS2, a PC port so bad it made the PS2 game look good, a superior Wii Port and an even better PC port already?

      1. Good point, the sequel is definitely the one people would have loved to have physical…

        Apart from slightly better performance, some motion controls and renewed playerbase interest in Raid Mode there probably isn’t any enhancements over the Wii U port, no.
        But in handheld mode it’s pretty night and day compared to the 3DS, so that’s something.

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