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Blizzard Says Don’t Rule Out Hearthstone On Nintendo Switch

Trusted Reviews managed to catch up with Hearthstone senior game designer Peter Whalen at this year’s BlizzCon 2017 event. One of the questions put to Whalen was whether there’s a chance the popular card game could find its way on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what he had to say:

‘I dunno, I don’t think anyone is working on it, but I wouldn’t rule it out either.’

‘Moving to tablets and phones was awesome. It made Hearthstone way more accessible for way, way more people, which is fantastic,’ Whelan continued.

Whelan explained that ‘if there are other consoles or platforms that are good for us then that’s absolutely something we’d explore in time.’


19 thoughts on “Blizzard Says Don’t Rule Out Hearthstone On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Blizzard in summary:

    We don’t want to put any kind of our product on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch, for us, is a piece of crap that doesn’t come to our aspects. So you want Heartstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch? But of course we are gonna say no. Don’t think we will support Nintendo because we love their games, but we don’t like their hardware.

    Thank you Blizzard. Your support is always awesome.

    PS: Heartstone is made with Unity so I presume it’s easy to port on the Switch (Depends on the version of course).

    1. I wouldn’t count Unity as one of the reason why it would be “easy” to port. Quite the contrary, I would say. The only reason why Yooka Laylee and Battle Chasers: Nightwar, for instance, can’t be ported to the Switch atm and have been delayed indefinitely, is because of issues with Unity. Now they are in limbo, waiting for Unity to either release a patch or an update that will fix the situation.

      1. I have few experience with Unity but you’re right on the point that Unity sometimes gives some problems and I believe that the team behind YL did a huge mistake to update their version of Unity and so there were so many errors on the project.

    2. No, the target marget isn’t on the switch. The people they want are the people who will continue to buy packs, and I would say that’s not what the average Nintendo user is willing to do. Phone gamers do that not Nintendo gamers. Who cares about overwatch. We want a real shooter like call of duty.

      1. I, personally, preffer Overwatch instead of Call of Duty.

        The problem is the Nintendo Online system isn’t at his definite state, so many companys have found problems on the online feature. And that’s why Blizzard want to stay out on the Switch.

        Consider also that the Switch user base is still low, even if selling like break, the user base is low.

        In the end I lost my hope to see Blizzard game on the Nintendo Switch. It will never happen if they still work on updates, skins, maps ecc.

        1. Wait, Switch user base is still low? At this point, it may have already past 9 million units, already beating Pii U’s paste/numbers while rapidly catching up to Xbox One. Also, the only thing wrong with Nintendo’s online so far is the lack of voice chat they put on a fucking phone app. As for the connectivity, so far, I don’t see any lags or disconnection. As for the hardware, Overwatch in general isn’t as demanding so it is possible to port and run on the Switch.

          1. I hope we will see these *goddamm* game on the Switch cause I want to destroy everybody with my Switch.

            Jumping like Winston with my Switch.
            Hook like Roahdog with my Joycon.
            Throw the bomb like Junkrat with my other joycon.

    1. It will never happen. Blizzard don’t want to publish their games on the Switch.

      They bought the Switch but they won’t to put the games on it.

      So forget Heartstone on the Switch. It will never happen.

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