Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Talks About 2018 Plans And The Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has revealed that it plans to launch “sharp,” “powerful,” and “well-made.” games which will be showcased at E3 2018. The company also says that it plans to continue support for the Nintendo Switch as they recognise that the platform is selling extremely well, and recognises that momentum. Here’s what they specifically said about Switch.

Switch is described as an opportunity to create middle-range games, and while it is very likely that creating these games would result in them being multi-platform, their expectations for Switch are high and they will aggressively pursue development. Square Enix said that it will not rule out any IPs—new, existing, or revivals—when it comes to Switch.



      1. ||Only a few times but I never owned it, I would like a remake of it one day however as long as they keep what made it great…||

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