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DOOM Review

Id Software’s critically acclaimed demon-slaying shooter has arrived on Nintendo Switch. It’s a straightforward port with minimal new content, but it remains the absolute gem that released elsewhere early last year. Whether or not you’ve played it before, Doom is still fun as hell.

Brought over to Nintendo Switch by Panic Button, Doom is a direct port of the critically acclaimed shooter released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016. While the Switch’s limitations mean it’s not the graphically superior version of the game, it’s a competent port that boasts every piece of content available elsewhere and the ability to play on the go.

Stranded on Mars with endless forces of demons swarming, the lone Doom Marine is tasked with obliterating every single hellspawn using a variety of weapons and brutal melee attacks. Throughout Doom’s single player campaign, you’ll be eliminating thousands of enemies using increasingly ferocious finishing blows. It’s certainly not a cover-based shooter, the Glory Kill system rewarding players for getting up close and personal with their demonic foes. It’s just so satisfying to play, Id Software managed to perfect fast-paced and fluid FPS controls when they first released Doom back in 2016. If you’ve been slaughtering demons on other consoles, it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things on Nintendo Switch.

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As well as the sizeable campaign, Doom also features solid online multiplayer. There are the traditional Team Deathmatch and Domination modes, but more unique modes like Freeze Tag and Soul Harvest mix up the gameplay and provide more replay value. Doom for Switch also includes all the updates that the game has seen over the last year, so that means even more multiplayer modes and maps to play around with. It usually runs steadily with minimal lag, so there’s no excuse not to jump in and blast some foes. There’s also Arcade Mode, a remixed version of the campaign that asks players to rush through each stage and defeat enemies to compete for a high score. It’s certainly a fun distraction and an interesting way to re-experience missions after completing the main story.

However, the real selling point of Doom for Nintendo Switch is the option to play the shooter on the go. Panic Button have done a decent job optimising the game for handheld mode, as Doom runs at a mostly steady 30 FPS whether docked or undocked. Admittedly, the title maxes out at 720p in both modes, but the fast-paced gameplay means you won’t have much time to sit around staring at specific textures. However, the FPS is less forgivable as every other version of the game ran at a solid 60 FPS. If you’ve already experienced the demon-slaying action elsewhere, the handheld factor could be enough of an excuse to replay the game, but the framerate issues might be a detractor.

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Something that I feel needs to be mentioned though is Doom’s obscenely high 21GB file size, especially since even those with a physical cartridge will need to download an 8GB patch to access the game’s multiplayer. It’s not a problem specifically with the game, so it feels unfair to mark it down for having an unruly file size, but if you’re relying solely on the Switch’s 32GB internal memory, I’d suggest investing in some external storage before you start demon hunting.

Bethesda’s early commitment to Nintendo’s latest console must be commended and this excellent port is a great way to kick off their promised stream of Switch releases. If you missed out on the demon-slaying action back in 2016, it’s the perfect time to hop into the Doom Marine’s shoes. Whether it’s time for a taunt or a brutish kill, Doom’s got you covered on Switch.


30 thoughts on “DOOM Review”

  1. I picked the game up the other day and and have been having a blast with it. I was going to get it for PC last year and just never got around to it. I started playing this in handheld mode with the joycons attached. My first thought was that the game looked a little blurry, but once you start playing you really don’t even notice it. I then went to tabletop mode with a pro controller which was a huge improvement in control. I then grabbed my Earpods and plugged them in and was amazed at how well the music and sound effect pull you into the game. I ended up on my 65″ 4K TV with it and again while you’re zipping around you really don’/t notice the lower res much and this game is still a ton of fun.

    Now I’ve been playing my PC games in 4k for a couple of years now. While my eyes might not have enjoyed this as much as a 4K version, the lower res really didn’t take away from the fun. It’s an awesome, solid game and I was impressed by how well it runs on the Switch.

      1. Rocket League will be the first game that I’ve triple dipped on. I have it on PC…looks great in 4K. I then I bought it for Xbox One because we took the One with us on vacation last year and it filled in for a couple of the times that it was raining. Now I’ll be getting it on the Switch to fill in whenever!

    1. Lol, I tried some online DOOM multiplayer for the first time yesterday. Admittedly, after having just completed the Campaign Mode (thoroughly enjoyed it) and being relatively successful online in Splatoon 2, I was feeling a little cocky. I. Got. Slaughterrrrrred!!!!

  2. Im just wondering about one thing on fifa. i read i think somewere here about the online play on fifa when you cant Invite your friends to play with? or did the fix that? Just wondering…. Not about fifa…. But why Doom can do that and fifa cant? :d

    1. Because switch does not have a party system, so the company who is making the game has to do a little more effort to make it. EA didn’t want to make this effort, bethesda did

  3. I am absolutely loving this game. Although I have to admit it does suffer a bit of slow down when there’s too many demons to kill in a particular area. It’s very infrequent, but it first happened in a particular tough area on the argent tower. Bloody hell I love it though

    1. Actually Doom deserves a 10/10. It’s the best shooter in recent memory. Now the Switch version I could see being an 8/10 because of the FPS… The resolution at 720 is forgivable.

    1. It’s never bothered me either. I’m still playing NES and SNES games. Now I will admit it’s fun to get on my PC and play Divinity or some FPS’s in 4K at 80fps, but that doesn’t mean I like playing the lower resolution games any less. Usually the best of both worlds approach is the way to go. Ultimate gaming paradise = High end gaming PC – PS4 – Switch – Wii U. For those that can’t afford all that I would try just getting a Switch and maybe PS4.

    2. Well VR is a novelty. It’s like watching a movie. I don’t consider gaming and VR to be on the same wavelength. Plus what do you mean by more money than sense, lol. There is nothing wrong with owning multiple consoles. They are not THAT expensive… If you have a job, a month worth of saving could buy you any console out there.

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