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Kotaku UK: Capcom Planning Three Ace Attorney Games For Nintendo Switch

Kotaku UK has learned for their sources that Capcom is reportedly developing three Ace Attorney games for the Nintendo Switch. The site says that two compilations will be coming in the first half of  the 2018- 2019 financial year. One of the game is a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games and the other is Ace Attorney games four through six in the series. Here’s the juicy bit:

Capcom has apparently also begun work on a new mainline Ace Attorney game, aiming for a late 2018 simultaneous global release on Switch and mobile. The new game is planned to contain five cases at launch, and features Phoenix Wright returning as the playable protagonist of the story.


14 thoughts on “Kotaku UK: Capcom Planning Three Ace Attorney Games For Nintendo Switch”

    1. By the series’ current progression, the next game will be about a new fictional country that decides everything in Dungeons and Dragons tabletop simulated court battles, and Pheonix will have a new sidekick he has to lean on that as a level 18 Cleric in game. Either that or the new fictional country has a portal to another dimension and examines the crime scene by moving back and forth between an alternate reality, and Pheonix’s new sidekick will have special abilities in this other reality.

      I miss the more down to earth days in the series, when all we needed was a magician, a clown, and a lion.

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    1. That depends on your taste. It’s more of a visual novel than a game, but you do take control in moving place to place when investigating and defending your client in the courtroom. The story is great and can easily hook you with its intense and comedic moments. If you’re into that, then it’s a must-buy. If it’s not your thing or if you’re not sure, then watch a play through of it. I personally recommend it.

  3. I love Ace Attorney. Believe me when I say I love these games to bits, however…I’m not going to pay for the original trilogy for the third or fourth time. I still have a perfectly fine 3ds with all of the games released in the west on it. I’m good.

    In reference to that second game, I do hope they will include Ace Attorney Investigations, but I already know they won’t. Bleh. But I mean come on Capcom! The second investigations is new content for a lot of us, and if not that, what about the Great Ace Attorney? Digital only means you can’t be taking that much of a hit you cheapskates. But I’ve learned long ago that I’d be better off learning Japanese than having any hope of seeing these games translated at this point I guess.

  4. Perfect, I just downloaded an emulator to play the games, its doable since my surface has a touch screen, but id prefer it with buttons and everything. hope its a physical release

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