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Rocket League Switch Uses Dynamic Resolution Which Hovers At Around 576p In Handheld Mode

Rocket League is currently available on the Nintendo Switch as it launched at midnight. The resolution of the game is 720p when docked, though it hovers around 526p when in handheld mode. The game does run at a solid 60fps though, so sacrifices had to be made.

Rocket League runs at 1280×720 in Docked and uses a dynamic resolution scaler in Undocked (handheld) depending on the stadium being played. Generally speaking it hovers around 1024×576. Post launch we plan to continue working on optimizing the game.

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    1. I’m sure it can. Minecraft is 1080p 60pfs and zelda can do 900p, although it’s 30fps. For a game like rocket league that has a closed enviroment and not so demanding graphics I’m sure they can get it to run at 900p. I think its just because they wanted to release as faster as possible and it will get a better resolution on a later patch just like minecraft did.

    1. Then you have never played Rocket League… The game itself is reliant on frames. On top of that this is crossplay with Xbox One and PC. Both platforms can reach 60fps no problem

    2. I seriously doubt that :P We’re used to that about every Nintendo 1st party games runs at 60FPS, so it would be a real bummer to downgrade that. Smash Bros in 30FPS? Nah-ah.

    3. I have RL on the PC and Xbox One. You DO NOT want it running at 30fps. This is an extremely fast paced game that requires quick reflexes. Zelda is fine at 30fps, but 60fps on this game is a must.

    1. ||This is just abysmal, if the once hated Bethesdians can manage to create a respectable work, and then of course the Shin’en Tribe which always push themselves to their limits regardless of weapon they create, why can’t the rest?…||

      ||This just confirms that they are not worthy of my resources anymore and so it shall go to something that deserves it…||

      ||My logic is undeniable…||

      1. Let’s be real. It’s hard to get games build for other platforms to run with peak optimisation on what essentially is a tablet. I’m not saying Switch isn’t impressive; because it’s probably the best console ever created, but people must be more realistic about it’s capabilities. 60FPS with this game is a superb result. Odyssey’s cut-scenes runs at 640x720p, which is a smaller pixel count than this games 1024x576p. Give this guys a break, Commander. They’ve deserved it.

      2. It’s games like these shouldn’t be/look this pathetic on the fucking Switch. It runs BotW at 900p from Wii U’s 720p as well as MK8’s 720p to 1080p in Switch. Is Nintendo the only one who can truly push the system’s limits?

        1. I don’t have an game engine degree, but porting isn’t the same as creating a game ground up for a system. BoTW has 30FPS with a lot of drops, 60FPS demands a lot more. BoTW probably would run better if it wasn’t ported from Wii U.

          The reason why Nintendo is better on performance than others atm is because they’ve had the development tools for Switch far longer than anybody else. Sega started Sonic Forces before they got tools for Switch for example. That explains MK8D performance I assume + there’s probably other things involved like the physics engine to Rocket League, FoV etc.

          I feel bad for these porters for getting all this negative respons. They’ve probably done a very good job with the game.

    2. Yeah they obviously wanted the game to be ported as quickly as possible, not giving a fuck for quality. Mario Kart 8 runs at 1080p and 60fps and looks way better than this game! The gameworld is basically empty, you have a floor, a ball and 6 cars, that’s it! Yet the game looks like ass!

      1. Panic Button ported fucking Doom in over a year with more impressive effort than this. This port falls between Rime and Lego City. It’s horrendous to even think about.

  1. oooh… thats pretty low tbh… i was expecting at least 720… i mean… i guess ill play docked? Look, I understand its hard to tell the resolution on a small screen… but thats an excuse to go down to 720p which im fine with… but damn 526 is just a low low number…. like im an fps guy first always but… i could have gove for a weird frame rate like 45 fps to so resolution could hit 720… but u know what, portable rocket league is still worth it

    1. So 30/60 aren’t random numbers that just became standard, it has to do with game timing. Games are programmed around frame rate and 30/60 are easy to match with real time. Call them frames, steps, ticks, whatever, but its basically what we call each time the game loops through its code, checks all its conditions, and carries out whatever it needs. So if I want to move a character a set speed, I can move it every “step” in the game. I can say: move x + 1 / step on a 60 frame game and thats like saying move 1 on the x axis every second. On a 30fps game you could say move (x +1) / (2 * step) and it’d move the same speed.

      This is a long way of saying 45 frames would be super super awkward to code with.

      1. That’s probably true for console games of the nineties but today how a game works and when it is drawn is almost entirely unrelated.

        Feel free to configure most any PC game to settings beyond your means (or far below) and watch it draw at all kinds of rates without affecting game logic, whatsoever.

      2. i… i know… thats why i said i would have preferred a random number like 45 fps… i was saying that 45 is awkward… and thats more a wishy thinking, i understand 30 and 60 are the standards for a reason… i never said that 30 and 60 were random

    2. Mario Odyssey falls down to 640x720p under cuts scenes and some spots in the game a well. Not entirely the same, but that’s a smaller pixel count than 1024x576p :P 60FPS is a good fit for this game

        1. But it proves it hard to maintain 60FPS even for 1st party titles, so I don’t understand why people think 1024x576p is so horrible bad. Mario Odyssey has even a lot of framedrops.

                1. If you kill those spiky enemies at the bridge in the “dinosaur” world, you will have a huge framedrop. Resolution drops a lot often when you’re around/taken controll of those windy clouds.

                  I notice framedrops easily; and it’s a curse. My brother just puts all settings on max on PC games and plays with drops down to 45FPS without noticing. I’ve discovered many people doesn’t notice screen tears either. I can watch people play without V-sync and I’m all like “Look at those tears!” and people are like “What are you talking about” lol

          1. It’s true I’d rather have 60fps but don’t throw resolution under the bus… when ur used to this day and age where everything is HD at least most of the time… it’s always weird when it’s not…

            1. Base PS4 and Xbox One struggles with 1080p and especially in 60FPS. It’s not that any of these consoles, including Switch, can’t reach this performance levels, but it’s a design choice from the developers. It is well documentated that better graphics makes marketing have a bigger generation of income. Flyers and videos looks better with footage with better graphics, so that’s often why we don’t get 1080p 60FPS.
              We’re still stuck with 3DS, and that’s certainly not HD :P

                1. I never really were fond of the 3DS screen. Sure 3D is awesome, but Vita’s screen were so much better. But in the end 3DS had the best games, so we all know which one survived the longest.

  2. Dang. I saw some footage earlier, the game seems to run perfectly fine, but I’m confident in saying they could’ve made the graphics look a bit sharper, especially in docked mode. The textures are a bit blurry in areas, and in general the game looks a little fuzzy. But hopefully they deliver on their idea of optimizing the game more post-launch. I imagine they wanted to get this game out for the holidays with the Switch being as hot of an item as it is, because it definitely looks like a biiiiit of a rushed port. Not horrible by any means, but it could be touched up. I still haven’t decided if I’ll pick up the Switch port or not, I already have it on PC – but either way the smooth, fun gameplay is at least fully in-tact. I hope this and Rime aren’t a sign of what kind of ports the Switch will be getting. The Doom port is a great example of a port done right.

  3. I downloaded and played this morning. In docked mode, the game looks very good. In handheld, due to the lower resolution, it becomes a bit of a struggle to see the ball and the remaining cars when they’re far away. They just look like a pixelated blob. I really hope that with updates they can achieve a stable 720p60 in handheld and increase to 900p60 while docked.

  4. I was playing this on PC with a high end monitor and what was essentially game breaking for me was the input lag my TV monitor introduced. That is not the game’s fault of course, but I never thought it would be that noticeable and annoying. Playing handheld is great a bigger screen helps volumes.

  5. What the fuck, Mario Kart 8 is 1080p/60FPS, doom has MORE RESOLUTION IN HANDHELD MODE AT 600p.

    What a disappointment.

      1. And at 720p with more demanding on screen action. This single football arena with only several cars on screen shouldn’t even sound or look demanding on paper. This port is as pathetic as Rime.

  6. On a second note,it feels a bit unresponsive even in handheld mode.I cant pinpoint the framerate exactly,my pings are ok,how is the game for you compared to other versions of it?

      1. Here’s the problem. They heard 576p in handheld mode before even playing the game. That gives people something to bitch about. This game is so fast paced that you’d barely see the difference in handheld mode if it was 720p. Now, if you wanted to pause the game and stare at screen, that’s a different matter. I’ve been a numbers guy my whole adult life, but these numbers I don’t give a flip about. Just give me a fun game and I’m happy.

        1. Yeah, people have been complaining about not having 60FPS, and when they get that, they need to complain about resolution (again).

          I’m a numbers guy myself, and therefore I stick å lot to PC. The only numbers I really care about on Switch is pricetags and 60FPS :P

            1. I saw the only comment you liked from me was when I praised 1st party Nintendo games lol.
              But every person have their own take on this. Too bad people are disappointed with this, but I for one think it’s looks great on Switch handheld mode, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like your playtime with it :/

              1. I just saw the comparison video of Skyrim on Switch and, aside from the strange missing blood detail, it literally looks almost identical to the next gen/PC ports with some minor differences here and there. Are developers, besides Bethesda/Panic Button, getting lazy on this new tech which oddly enough, they don’t show laziness on any other platforms? *ugh!*

                1. It might be their engine that’s harder to work with on Nintendo’s API? I can’t be sure about this stuff, but to me, 1024x576p 60FPS on 3x coretx A57 from a ported game seems impressive to me.

                  I didn’t know Skyrim on Switch runs at 60FPS?

                    1. 60 FPS does take a lot of horsepower, so comparing Skyrim to it directly isn’t just the same in my opinion. That’s just me apparently in this comment section :P

                      I just watched a few comparison videoes of Skyrim on all platforms. To me, especially when you zoomed in, it looked better than Xbox 360, but far far beyond PC 2011. That’s just me, and I’m not saying Skyrim is going to be bad on Switch, rather the opposite. It’s handheld on Switch, and that’s an achievement in itself.

  7. I’ve played the game exclusively in handheld mode. It looks just fine – not excellent, but just fine – and holds that 60fps very well. I’ve turned on seeing nametags at all distances to help me see cars in the far distance – once I did that then no complaints.

    1. Simple solution, buy it elsewhere then. I have it in 4K on my computer and I have it for the Xbox One. I’ll be buying it soon for the Switch to be able to take it anywhere, anytime.

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