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Batman: The Telltale Series Nintendo Switch Comparison Video

The team over at Direct Feed Games have been hard at work on a number of comparison videos and the latest is¬†Batman: The Telltale Series. The game appears to have a lower resolution on the Nintendo Switch but seems to run a little smoother. Of course, it’s up to you to judge, so check out the video and have a watch!

8 thoughts on “Batman: The Telltale Series Nintendo Switch Comparison Video”

  1. To much comparations this day. should i start trolling?:D

    I want a comparation Batman: The Telltale with Switch portable mode Vs Portable Ps4 mode too then ooohhhhhh waaait a min….nvm. People saying the Switch is not a real portable because doesn’t fit into the Maybe switch will lose there too?

    “”Edit””: im traveling every early morning for 30mins to go and 30mins to come back on the subway im so glad i will bring that game with me now.

    1. And i just made a comment without even watch the video i am guilty. But there is nothing to watch anyway. Switch wins Portable mode while the rest are not even on that Dimension!!! Switch have hes own Dimension
      And now im talking to my self like the other guy here with the name Infinite kalas x3? something like that

      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

        *comes barging in* Who dares summon me!? D:< Oh. It's just you. *waves at Thanos* How goes your Infinity Gems hunt?

  2. As far as Im concerned the comparison is seeable. But not by leaps & bounds. Truthfully, Im Impressed Telltale was able to do what they did with the SWITCH.
    Ofcourse, the PS4 is gonna look better, I expect that. But Im not the type of gamer that’s consumed with the highest of high end visuals & 4k graphics.

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