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Mutant Mudds Collection Submitted To Nintendo, Supports ‘Tate’ Mode

Jools Watsham at developer Atooi has revealed that the upcoming Mutant Mudds Collection for Nintendo Switch has now been submitted to Nintendo. This means that we should be able to get our hands on the title very soon once it passes the final approval stage. Mudd Blocks will also give players the option to prop up their console vertically to play which you can see for yourself below. Watsham calls this way of playing the game in ‘Tate Mode’. Mutant Mudds Collection will include three games in total;  Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and the aforementioned Mudd Blocks.




  1. You know what? I’m not even surprised anymore. The switch has so many garbage games, I’m convinced this is the new norm. I should just be grateful we have something close to Smash news. I hope Smash for switch can at least hold a candle to Smash for Wii U.

    1. ||Xbot, go home and incinerate yourself along with the rest of your infidels…||

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