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Japan: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Sold 1,200,000 Units In Its First 3 Days

Sales data for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is starting to come out, and it’s already looking good. In the first 3 days that it was available, Famitsu  says that 1,199,814 units were sold in Japan. This number includes download card and bundle sales. However, it does not include download sales. The 3DS also got a boost due to the release of Ultra Sun and Moon. During the release week, the 3DS sold 40,582 units.  The previous week saw 18,687 3DS units sold. The 3DS numbers include New 3DS, New 3DS LL, 2DS, and New 2DS LL. In Japan, the XL variations of the New 3DS and New 2DS are called “LL”.



    1. Well, to be fair, Sun and Moon had some of the biggest hype I have ever seen for a Pokemon game–riding on the whole 20 years thing. Whereas, Ultra Sun and Moon’s hype has been pretty lukewarm.

  1. I really cannot understand how people can justify all this negativity towards Gamefreak just because Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are enhanced upgrades to the originals.
    Not only did they release these versions with new Pokemon and in-game content but at the same time they are working on a Core-Series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, I could understand the frustration if this was all they were working on but it’s not. Game development is way harder than people realize and in my opinion people are being very unfair in their judgement towards Gamefreak.

  2. So if pokemon can achieve all these sales yet metroid samus returns didn’t even get 10% in the same timespan, then I guess that whole “Operation Samus Returns” was a complete waste after all.

    I can see now why nintendo is so reluctant to make metroid games, because only a minority actually cares for them.

    All the sales data we have is pretty mediocre results and vgchartz says it hasn’t even gotten to half a million yet.

    Metroid: Samus gets screwed again!

    1. Metroid Samus Returns didn’t do well likely because it was seen as a tie-over game until Metroid Prime 4 comes out. If you look at the reactions between the 2 at E3, the amount of hype for Samus Returns was nothing compared to the hype for Metroid Prime 4.
      Tell you what; Wait till Metroid Prime 4 comes and then let’s see if you’re still saying the same thing.

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