Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Players Get 20 Leaf Tickets As An Apology For Server Problems

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is finally out on both iOS and Android, but some of you may have had problems playing the game due to unforeseen server issues. To apologise for this Nintendo has given all users 20 Leaf Tickets. You can claim them by simply logging into the colourful mobile title.

As an apology for the server issues since launch, Nintendo is giving 20 Leaf Tickets to all users as special Log-in Bonus. All you need to do to get yours is to log-in at least once, and the tickets will be sent to your mailbox. Unlike other Log-in Bonuses, this one is stored indefinitely (available until December 23rd)



      1. You play the game? If you did you would know everything is timed and requires completion within a certain timeframe.
        They had a beta release, the server issues should have been figured out early on. Menus and animations are slow as is.

    1. Beach City Critic probably thinks people are overreacting to the EA microtransaction bullshit, too, in Star Wars Battlefront II. Sure are a lot more corporate asskissers coming out of the wetworks lately. If it’s not one kissing Nintendo’s ass, it’s someone kissing one of the worst video game publishers around today instead. *cough*EA*cough*

    2. Anyway, a game I was playing online went down for about 2-3 days a week or so back & I got 100 of a rare currency that you usually have to pay money for if you want a lot of it at once earlier today. (Luckily that currency is easy to get once a day if I complete a bunch of tasks for that one day. The game is pretty much free to play otherwise if you don’t mind waiting for your energy to build back up.)

      Least now I can say this without it being unfair: Nintendo is sadly just being cheap.

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