Speculation Begins Regarding A New Nintendo Direct

We are bound to get a new Nintendo Direct soon showcasing the goodies that the company has in store for 2018. We are also due a possible Direct for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 2. A recently spotted empty slot has been  added to the official Nintendo corporate page for Nintendo Directs leading some to believe there’s one due imminently. We shall just have to wait and see!

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  1. Please PLEASE announce Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. It has been far too long since we have gotten another mainline Animal Crossing game. (And no I am NOT counting the phone App, and not just b/c I have a Windows Phone and as such cannot download the App, but also because it is a phone App not a full AC game.)

    I will even take a ten second teaser trailer showcasing a logo, and “Late 2018” promise. I just want something to hook onto so I can be hopeful!

    The second DLC Pack for BotW is definitely coming in December that is a given. So I definitely think that should be in it. But as for games in 2018, Yoshi, Animal Crossing, and Metroid Prime 4 (Not a huge Metroid Prime fan, but still I think it is guaranteed to be in it, since all we have is a logo.) Yoshi only has a working title, and SOME gameplay that they showed off at this year’s E3, so I really do think they’ll showcase a full final title for the game, and a promising month that it’ll release in, so we’ll get a trailer that ends with say August (Example Month) 2018, or whatever month they release it in. Metroid will probably get either the same, or a Early, Mid, Late 2018 at the end of a trailer. Animal Crossing: Switch though. I am hoping, but I am NOT going to set my expectations too high, because Nintendo hasn’t given me a reason to believe they are even developing Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch much-less going to release it in 2018. But I can dream.

    We MIGHT get some news regarding Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch. Like a member of the dev team saying, “Hello, I am x (Insert name of higher dev team member here), leading developer for the Pokémon games we are releasing on the Nintendo Switch. And work is coming along nicely. We just want to give you guys a title of the game, and to let you know you can expect the game to drop Holiday 2018.” Or something to that effect.

    I have a lot more thoughts on speculation and I am planning on doing a video regarding Animal Crossing: Switch hopes and desires, and anything like this. This was just really the best stuff I can gather from the top of my head, and what we know so far, and mixing it together with what a lot of people are hoping for.

    In terms of the Second DLC Pack (Champion’s Ballad) for Breath of the Wild. I believe it will drop December 8th or 9th. Shortly AFTER the Game Awards maybe even during.

  2. If I don’t hear about Pikmin 4 and a new Animal Crossing Switch game soon, I’m gonna go NUTS! And I’m talking about a REAL Animal Crossing game. Not another Amiibo Festival nightmare. I’d also LOVE to hear about a new Mario Golf and Mario Baseball game for the Switch (and not a sports mix game). It’s been too darn long for both of those.

    I’ve always wanted Nintendo to bring back the mini golf mode in the next major console installment of Mario Golf. I was SO disappointed when Toadstool Tour didn’t have mini golf in it. Which made the N64 version my favorite to this day.

    1. If we get Animal Crossing for the Switch in 2018 then I think Nintendo will try to hold off on Pikmin 4 till 2019, since they now know indie devs/3rd party developers are WANTING to release their stuff on the Switch, so they do NOT have to worry about a drought. I think BotW and Odyssey releasing in the same year was only because Nintendo did NOT want to risk any droughts this year in case 3rd Party Devs and Indie Devs jumped ship again. Which they didn’t, so they know a LOT of indie devs and 3rd party devs want their games on the platform.

      I am expecting unannounced games yes, but am I expecting within two years for Nintendo to have half of their big IPs out (Splatoon, Pikmin, Mario, Zelda (Sure Wii U port, but still a majority of people got it for the Switch, so I think in the eyes of Nintendo it counts as a pseudo Switch game), Animal Crossing, Metroid, etc… in the first two years nah that’d be bad because then from 2019 – the death of the Switch what major first party IPs can they draw from? Not many without releasing multiple games per series in the span of a couple of years.) Just my thought that.

      I do want to hear about Pikmin 4 since Miyamoto did talk about it years ago, but I do NOT think Nintendo is going to announce that at the same time as Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, so I think it’s one of those either situations. Like we are EITHER going to get an announcement of Pikmin 4 OR Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. Really hoping for Animal Crossing since I am a big Animal Crossing fan, but if they announce Pikmin 4 that’s fine too. I just believe Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch sooner rather than later, since ACNL did release what… 4 MAYBE 5 years ago? And that is a long time, they are probably aware that Animal Crossing fans are starving for a new Animal Crossing game, especially since the sales of Pocket Camp has been SO high since that was released.

    1. I am only hyping myself up for the possibility of a Animal Crossing announcement, but if we do NOT get one then I am not going to get pissed off. Whatever Nintendo announces I believe they have a reason for it, and there’s very little getting pissed off will accomplish. So I try to be reasonable, and think more business-oriented. Smash can come in 2018, but I see that as more of a 2019 title rather than 2018.

    2. There were so many characters in Sm4sh that I can’t think of enough characters to add that would warrant another title. Isaac from Golden Sun, a new Zelda rep like Majora, and Zeraora? Yeah, that’s about it.

      1. Uh let’s see…

        -Krystal from Star Fox (using her staff from Adventures)
        -King K. Rool (DK NEEDS another rep and the roster needs more villains)
        -Impa (Hyrule Warriors design)
        -a fighter from ARMS, likely Spring Man or Ribbon Girl
        -Sylux (Metroid Prime Hunters; Metroid needs another rep and, again, we need more bad guys, and he’s been heavily teased for Prime 4)
        -More types of Mii Fighters, perhaps modeled after classes from Miitopia such as Chef, Cat, Vampire, and Flower)
        -one more Pokemon, a gen 7 one (skipped Sun and Moon and their Ultras so I don’t know many new ones who could work)
        -Ice Climbers returning

        There’s really a lot to work with.

  3. Hmm…I thought the next Direct wouldn’t be until January. If there is one for December my guess is the entire focus will be on The Legend of Zelda DLC #2 and some holiday release titles and that will be about it.

    The January Direct is what I think will make a major splash. I think we will see a teaser for Metroid Prime 4 with possibly a subtitle, Yoshi, Kirby Star Alliance, Fire Emblem trailer with subtitle, SMT 5, and possibly a reveal of Animal Crossing. If not I expect a reveal at the E3 Direct along with a Pikmin 4 reveal.

  4. I’m excited about the direct. Most likely they would give us detail on the BoTW DLC 2, maybe mention the Pokemon game on Switch and maybe reveal something on the Metroid game for Switch. Also, that Shinmegami Tensei (?) game? I remember a short trailer for it. I think it’s the same people behind persona games. Anyways, that’s my list of expectations. Maye new game/IP announcement.

    But here’s a list of games I don’t want to hear about and know won’t be in this direct:
    – Animal Crossing (the smartphone app just came out, I’m sure no new AC would be announced until the 2nd half of 2018)
    – Smash 5 (Sakurai or w.e the creator name is already said he won’t come out with a new Smash for a long time. A port of Smash 4/Wii U won’t be announced until next year so stop mentioning)
    – Mother 3 (The fuck? Please stfu about it and don’t be surprised when it’s not mention. Maybe a 2018 announcement)

  5. In the new Direct….here’s what I would like to see

    *Updated footage on both the new Yoshi and Kirby titles as well as their final names and release dates
    *Platinum Games showing off the Bayonetta Remastered collection….maybe new a DLC quest for Jeanne?
    *Pikmin 4 announcement and trailer
    *Pokémon Switch is revealed….complete with a title name, gameplay footage and a release year
    *Dragon Ball FightersZ gets announced for the Switch coming in 2018
    *Dark Souls Trilogy gets announced for the Switch coming in 2018
    *Soul Calibur VI gets announced for the Switch coming in 2018
    *The mystery ” Tales ” game is revealed and a release date is announced
    *Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII both are announced for the Switch but no release dates are revealed
    *Retro Studios’s newest project is finally revealed…..its either Eternal Darkness II or the newly green lighted Raven Blade…..year release date is set at 2019
    *Nintendo announces their brand new paid online subscription service…..will release in the coming months
    *GTA V and shockingly Red Dead Redemption 2 are coming to the Switch in 2018 (yeah I know RDR2 is wishful thinking lol)
    *Monster Hunter XX gets localized for the Switch…..coming in 2018
    *Brand new platformer from Nintendo EAD is announced, will get massive hype and will be announced for 2018

    1. I don’t see nintendo announcing anything on Pokémon Switch this year especially since ultra sun and moon recently released. I expect rest of your predictions for an early 2018 direct

  6. Hmm. If there is going to be one, I expect it to be small. But, who knows. They definitely need to give some information on the next Zelda DLC coming soon.

  7. My most wanted Nintendo stuff: New Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime 4, DK Country, Earthbound. I really want a Nintendo first party horror game badly. If it won’t be ED, then a new IP would be welcome too. Been way too long since my favourite gaming company has made a game in one of my favourite game genres.

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