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Sakaguchi (Mistwalker) Thinking Of Bringing Terra Battle 3 To Nintendo Switch

Forbes managed to get the opportunity to interview Hironobu Sakaguchi from Mistwalker recently to talk about the Terra Battle games. The tactical role playing series is already on mobile platforms but Sakaguchi thinks that the upcoming Terra Battle 3 would also be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.

“However, I do want to develop games on console again at some point. We’re even working on Terra Battle 3 right now and maybe console will be the right fit for that. Just because we are developing heavily on mobile right now doesn’t mean we have completely left console behind. After all, the Nintendo Switch is a very good piece of hardware.”

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  1. The Last Story HD Remaster would be nice to have, Mistwalker! Maybe a sequel following Therius after the events at Lazulis Island as he goes on to get rid of corruption in other parts of their empire.


    1. (FFXV has a theme for your car based on Terra Battle. So that’s the game that theme references. Square Enix either helped publish this franchise or they are trying to help Mistwalker get publicity.)


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