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Nintendo Is Recruiting For 3D Action Adventure Game

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The team over at Nintendo Co. Ltd. has announced that they are looking for a 3D Action Adventure Game Planner. The person recruited will be working at their Kyoto offices and the job description includes game event, dungeon and field planning.

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22 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Recruiting For 3D Action Adventure Game”

  1. Star Fox Adventures 2, obviously.

    That’d actually be a fun way to revive the traditional Zelda formula and get use out of beloved characters that have had nothing but mediocre releases. Really, rail shooters haven’t been fun in a very long time, and despite a PC indie revival, open world space sims still don’t have a large appeal… I doubt traditional Star Fox will ever have another popular release).

    1. Don’t get my hopes up ya boob! Lol I did think more about Metroid but nah, well? … Starfox adventures was a gaming classic that I loved so much!!!

      1. I stand by it as my super long shot guess for a game that needs field and dungeon design. Nintendo is running an aggressive release schedule and they need big IPs for 2019 and 2020 so they may start digging deep into their catalog. Of course its probably Zelda or a new IP, but we can dream.

      1. Probably, but my point was that it’d be an interesting way to return to the Zelda formula now that they’ve moved in a different direction. You’re probably right, which is why I was mostly joking. It’d just be fun to me.

        1. I think Nintendo already have a Star Fox game in their mind and the reason, it might by stupid, is in the user menu when you can change your icon there are the SF icons and Metroid icons.

          Where Metroid icons is justify with the announc of MP4, I don’t understand for the SF icons. Maybe we will see something but this was just a speculation.

  2. Not sure why noone drops the Z-word here although it’s kinda obvious and now that BotW is really about to come to an end, it’s very likely that they immediately start working on the next game so they can monetize on that hype again without having to wait another 5 years.

    1. Because that’s such a boring guess! Of course a new Zelda is in the works, that will never ever be news. A new Mario is being planned right now too. It’s more fun to lay out our hopes and dreams and then watch them be crushed later.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Captain Falcon spin-off, Metroid Prime: Annihilation, Wario’s Universe, Captain Toad Rampage…||

      1. Lol I like that last one.

        I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like to actually see Captain Falcon in action as a bounty hunter. In fact, I thought up a scenario that had Metroid and F-Zero existing within the same universe.

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