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Gameplay Footage Of Factor 5’s Cancelled WeFly Title Has Been Posted

Years ago, Factor 5 was working on an unofficial successor to PilotWings 64 that would have been released on the Nintendo Wii. The game was called WeFly, and it was a flight simulator game very similar to PilotWings. However, the game had two major differences. Firstly, WeFly was open-world, meaning that players would’ve been allowed to explore more freely. Secondly, basic VR technology was in the game, courtesy of a head-tracking peripheral for the Wii that would’ve been used to control the camera. The game was very close to release, and Nintendo was even supporting the game. Unfortunately, Factor 5 went bankrupt, so the game was cancelled. Now, Liam Robertson has managed to obtain a three-minute long trailer of WeFly that shows off plenty of gameplay. You can check out the video down below.


5 thoughts on “Gameplay Footage Of Factor 5’s Cancelled WeFly Title Has Been Posted”

    1. I remeber watching the documentary of this a few weeks ago (I think it was from unseen 64) it was pretty awesome if you ask me, could have probably been up there with Wii sports, and Wii sports resort, due to the technology it runs on(what I mean is how it looks)

  1. Well, it does not look bad. Eventually people isn’t anymore interested for a game like this.
    If priced as an indie (20$) I would be somewhat interested. Certainly better than 1-2-Switch as a showcase for motion controls, probably not better than Wii Sports (I need a proper tennis game for the Switch!).

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