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Sketchy Rumour Suggests That Dark Souls 1 Remaster Could Come To Switch

You may have already seen it, but there’s a rumour that one of the five titles Bandai Namco is planning to reveal soon is a Dark Souls 1 remaster for multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. The rumour comes from a Twitter user and has been sourced multiple times by other publications. Only time will tell whether it’s true or not. The tweet has also been deleted.


Thanks to Christopher B for the tip!


    1. ||Cuphead is an Xbot main weapon, it will never be released on the Switch and I don’t want infected diseases…||

        1. ||Whatever your arguments are, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s an Xbot weapon…||

          1. A game is still a game, and when a game is amazing it should be enjoyed by as many as possible. Why deprive yourself of that?

            That being said, something tells me that youve already played the game though. Maybe not your NC persona, but youve played it 😉

  1. The Switch is finally getting some of the games I like , I would still rather buy them on my ps4 though. Usually cheaper and superior graphics and controlls. (I don’t care for portable what so ever)

    I bought the PS4 1 year ago this month cause I didn’t like what Nintendo Showed us in 2016.

    They give huge discounts very often so far I got GTA5 , Journey , Street Fighter ulra IV , Bloodbourne + Expansion , Metal Gear 5 + Expansion , Dragon Age Inquisition , Battlefield 1 , Dark Souls 3 , Uncharted 4 , The Witcher , Fallout 4 , Horizon total of 282 euro’s for 12 amazing games (23.5 on avarage)

    A Nintendo console never offered me these kind of prices for a collection besides maby the gamecube and they rarely discount first party at stores unlike Playstation

    On top of that I got LittlebigPlanet 3 , Until Dawn+DLC , Infamous Second son , Child of Light , Amnesia Collection , Worms Battleground and Darksider 2 Deathinitive Edition , Until Dawn Rush of Blood for free from psplus membership wich is 50 bucks a year to play online

    Theres still a bunch of games I could buy from them (Destiny 2 , Cod , FIFA ,The last of us ect.) that usually sell cheap aswell , 25 bucks for GTA5 is basicly the highest price you will pay on the playstation cause the game doesn’t get discounted any lower.

    If you combine all of this with Nintendo first party you got a golden console , Altough I lost my intrest in most of there first party besides Zelda , Mario could be argued about! To me it got boring after mario 64 but thats personal taste. The last solid Metroid game is 2007 , Star Fox , Yoshi , Kirby , DK , Mario Kart haven’t really done it for me since the n64 wich where all great franchises back than no fresh IP’s on the level of the Snes and n64 days, No real console pokemon until now switch???

    Really though I could go on about this allot longer if only this website had a forum for intresting discussions.

    1. Personally, the dualshock 4 is my least favorite controller this gen.

      It sounds like you’re just not a Nintendo fan any more, if Zelda is really all you’re interested in nowadays. Nothing wrong with that. It happens. You might consider moving on. You seem to be enjoying your PS4 more than enough.

      1. I enjoy the console, but I agree, that corndog controller always cramps my hands. Its miles ahead of the DS3, but its nowhere near perfect as some of these people make it out to be.

      2. I have moved on my dad bought the ps1 cause he didn’t like the n64 controller and the ps1 offered way more RPG’s like the Snes did. Because of this I have played every Playstation gen aswell and started buying the console myself at ps3 cause the WII didn’t offer much. Looking back at it I enjoyed every ps gen more then its Nintendo counterpart I was just to much of a Nintendo fanboy to realise it back than. It just hurts me that Nintendo can’t offer me what I like , cause there always my nr1 company at hearth. They are the reason why I play games and Zelda has been my nr1 franchise since the 8bit, wich was the first game I played in my life together with mario 1. I’m sure that the Snes and Nes would have offered the games I mentiont in my earlier posts. The only reason why i’m still on this website is because I grew up with Nintendo and I hope that one they the make a console like the snes again with all the major third party titles and amazing first party.

    2. The PS4 has been out a lot longer than the Switch which is why it has a lot more games out for it (both the games that have come out and developers trusting the console more).

      I only half agree though. I own a PS4 Pro and the only game that brought me back to it was Horizon Zero Dawn cause it was on sale for $20. I was playing Destiny before that (not Destiny 2) and that was almost a year ago.

      I feel like having a PC and a Switch is probably the best combo. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the console exclusives (not PS4 exclusive) but PC has really had me hook for the past year since I got it (Overwatch with mouse and keyboard and better graphics, Doom, Cuphead, etc). And you can definitely get those games cheaper than PS4 has ever offered.

      1. This is my boat. Have a PS4 and have played some select gems, but mostly bored to death by the multiplats. With Nintendo finally getting some 3rd party support again, along with a stellar 1st party year, the Switch has increased my total playtime significantly this year.

    3. According to my databank, you are nothing but a pretendo moron and a Sony pony douche bag. If you don’t like portability, why the fuck are you here in the first place showing your true colors that you’re nothing but a fucking graphics whore?

      1. I spend more time on a Nintendo console than you ever will and invested more money in the company than you ever will unless you also started with the gameboy and 8 bit so keep your bullshit story’s to yourself just cause I got a different opinion you don’t like. Me not carring about Portable has nothing to do with the fact that I have been supporting Nintendo for nearly 30 years

    4. If you want superior graphics, get a PC.

      Cheaper games. PC. Steam always have great sales.

      Not interested in portability and want great, cheap games. PC.

      No, Nintendo rarely discounts their first party because they are that good and always worth the prize. Currently, I constantly receive free in game items for Zelda BoTW like the Xenoblade Chronicles two promotional Rex outfit.

      It’s cool if you prefer the PS4 since everyone has their own preferences but it sounds like you’re just promoting PS4 as better than Switch. The Switch came out this year, it’s obvious why it has less game than a 4 year old console.

      And if you really cared about large quantity of games, with superior graphics and fps, and at a low price, you’ll be talking about PC not PS4. 282 euros for those 12 games is a rip-off compared to Steam prices. Could get way better deals on Steam.

      1. I’m a console gamer if it wasn’t for Blizzard I would never have touched a PC in my life when it comes to games. Compared to Nintendo games it’s not a ripoff. Nintendo offers more quality so they can keep there prices high is bullshit aswell most highly rated games are all Playstation games , nearly all those titles receive 9’s and 10’s. I’m not promoting jack shit I just gave my personal experience. I never said a thing about the ps4 beeing older than the Switch eather so get your facts straight. I never said anything about superior graphics just that I rather buy the games on my ps4 because of better graphics but in the end the large quantity of games is the main reason.

    5. I agree with you but this is the Nintendo switch first year and we should not really complain about it i mean Nintendo confirmed they are trying to make new IP and third party developer is trying to make new ones to maybe not EA but you should wait for 2018 like me and that is the reason why i still don’t have a switch and your’e lucky your not living in my country because everything is more expensive (when it comes to console).

    6. You filthy fucking graphics whore! D:< … lol Least that's what I'd mean to say if I was a flaming Nintendo fanatical reject crying because you aren't on your knees kissing my favorite console maker's ass.

      Anyway, I'm sadly in that same boat myself now where a Nintendo system isn't my main gaming system anymore. I've played more games on my PS4 than I ever did on my Wii and Wii U. Switch will most likely be more of the same. And you are right about your last line. This website isn't the best for good quality discussions anymore as most regulars here will insult you for daring to not be, as I said above, on your knees kissing Nintendo's ass.

  2. First one is still my favourite Souls game including Damon’s and Bloodborne. Well, it’s actually among my favourite games of all time. I have played through it 4 or 5 times and I would buy a Switch version in a heartbeat. A collector’s edition would be appreciated.

  3. Given that I barely have time for my retro collections and my Nintendo consoles, I’ve never played DS yet…but i’d be very interested if it made its way onto a Nintendo console.

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