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Donna Burke Is Currently Working With Nintendo For Something Special

Donna Burke who is a well-known musician and actor has tweeted that she’s currently involved in a project with Nintendo. It’s not clear what her role is, or what it is for, but no doubt it will be for something entertaining.


    1. For the song “Sins of a Father”.Donna Burke was involved in the Metal Gear series since MGS3 for the song “Snake Eater” . “Calling to the Night” in Portable Ops, and “Heaven Divine” in Peace Walker. Side note: she also song ” Glassly Sky” in the anime call Tokyo Ghoul.

    1. Maybe she is samus, and when you complete the game you unlock her in her bikini, like one of the previous metriod games but I can’t remember which one now.

  1. My sensor readings indicate that Donna Burke could become the new Samus Aran in the upcoming Nintendo Japan developed Metroid Prime 4.

  2. I believe she did a song for one of the Tales of games (Tales of Legendia if I recall). She might be involved in some common capacity, but then I doubt she would have mentionned Nintendo and more likely Bandai Namco….

    1. Coming Soon: Metroid Prime 4: Samus Aran, Singing Hunter! The game will even end with a song called Swan Song… since it’ll be the final knife in the franchise as that game kills the franchise forever more. D:

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