Nintendo Switch

Donna Burke Is Currently Working With Nintendo For Something Special

Donna Burke who is a well-known musician and actor has tweeted that she’s currently involved in a project with Nintendo. It’s not clear what her role is, or what it is for, but no doubt it will be for something entertaining.



    1. For the song “Sins of a Father”.Donna Burke was involved in the Metal Gear series since MGS3 for the song “Snake Eater” . “Calling to the Night” in Portable Ops, and “Heaven Divine” in Peace Walker. Side note: she also song ” Glassly Sky” in the anime call Tokyo Ghoul.

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    1. Maybe she is samus, and when you complete the game you unlock her in her bikini, like one of the previous metriod games but I can’t remember which one now.

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  1. I believe she did a song for one of the Tales of games (Tales of Legendia if I recall). She might be involved in some common capacity, but then I doubt she would have mentionned Nintendo and more likely Bandai Namco….

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    1. Coming Soon: Metroid Prime 4: Samus Aran, Singing Hunter! The game will even end with a song called Swan Song… since it’ll be the final knife in the franchise as that game kills the franchise forever more. D:

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