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The Game Awards: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is “Game Of The Year”

The Game Awards have come to an end, but there is one final thing. It all comes down to the award for “Game Of The Year”.ย  A winner has been crowned, and it is none other than Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It is just the icing on the cake on what has been a huge night for Nintendo, with the company winning 6 awards and making 3 big announcements tonight.


  1. I’m sorry to the people who thought it should have been mario odyessy but breath of the wild is a revolutionary game. Its my ocarina of time, congrats zelda.

  2. The return of Metroid, The return of Megaman and Zelda BotW wins GOTY!! This is a Year of great joy to all of us who likes these games!! ๐Ÿ˜

  3. That’s good that botw won but to be honest I was expecting odyssey to win, I admit I’m not into botw, but Mario odyssey gives me the charm of being a kid again, and thats why it will always be game of the year in my heart congrats to Nintendo though I knew they would get game of the year

  4. It sucked that I had to work till 10pm my local time so I missed these awards but it looks like it was a good night to be a Nintendo fan. Game of the Year ! I’m also crazy excited to have all the Bayo’s on one console and I will not miss out on them this time I swear to the Nintendo gods !

  5. I personally voted for Breath of the Wild but I was hoping for either Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey to win. So happy it ended up being one of those two. Nintendo did really well at the game awards which hopefully will bring more enthusiasm towards the Switch. I would love to see more third party games come to the platform.

  6. As much of a masterpiece as Super Mario Odyssey was, Breath Of The Wild was more deserving of winning GOTY because the franchise went in a totally new revolutionary direction but I would’ve been satisfied had either of these great games. Congrats to the Zelda team for a job well done

  7. I’m so glad that HZD didn’t win. These assholes didn’t deserve it because they copy-pasted the enemy design and even attack animations and the battle system directly from Monster Hunter.

  8. Zelda was a great game and I’ve played it but I feel that these awards are still sucking Nintendo’s dick

  9. So glad this happened. I just knew Zelda would grab this.
    Right now is a good time to be a Nintendo fan. We’ve got stacks to look forward too. Let’s keep it going. MP4 will be up there for the awards when it’s released, Nintendo know what to do and they can do it. Cool

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