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Here’s 50 Minutes of Yooka-Laylee On Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Those of you on the fence regarding Yooka-Laylee and it’s relatively high price tag for the Nintendo Switch will want to check out the video below. GameXplain and NintenDaan have teamed up to show you fifty minutes worth of footage from the Nintendo Switch version of the colourful platformer. You can watch the game in action, below

Thanks to  N-Dub Nation for the tip!


        1. Doesn’t work that way, or else I’d return my digital download of Rayman Legends for Wii U (since no-so-Definitive Edition exists).

          And I actually want to play this bright gorgeous looking spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie. Super Mario Odyssey isn’t enough (or everything), so it’s always good to have additional options.

      1. You can cancel it and buy Skyrim or Gunvolt Collection instead. Both are heavily worth your money than this disappointing garbage. Hell, I rather buy Mighty No. SUCK over this shit.

            1. This one.

              And there’s no way I’m going through all those hurdles to get rid of a game I’m been waiting for and actually want to play.

              There are people out there who actually enjoy this title.

              Also, we’re done here.

    1. Payed 30 bucks for the kickstarter backing,
      the WiiU game them got moved to the Switch ensuring me that there will be at least one nice game for me on that system next to Zelda and I usually don‘t buy indies physically anyways;
      highly interested.

      1. During the kickstarter campaign, the WiiU version was by far the most requested one despite the WiiU being not really a widespread system. So of course Nintendo’s fanbase was clearly a focus of Playtonic that’s why they couldn’t afford publishing it on WiiU as its hardware might not have been as good of a fit as they hoped for.
        Glad they made it running on the Switch. I really do hope they have fixed at least some of the issues this game was critisized for in spring.

    1. I saw the size. The goddamn game can fit in the 8GB cart and that cart is not expensive. Without physical release, this game port, like the others, is gonna die in silence within weeks especially when you have several huge Switch titles that came out weeks before. Mario, Sonic..Mania (Forces suck), Gunvolt, Resident Evil, Doom, Skyrim, Rocket League..kinda and Xenoblade 2. How the fuck can that already huge disappointment called Yooka-Laylee survive on another system without physical release and not changing much from it’s backlash? It won’t and may godspeed on it’s Switch outing because they’re REALLY gonna need it.

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