Nintendo Is Hosting A Twitter Challenge To Give 20 Leaf Tickets To All Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Players

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp users have a chance to receive a number of in-game items for free via a special Twitter challenge. If this particular tweet is retweeted at least 100,000 times by December 11 at 9:59 PT, 20 Leaf Tickets will be given to all players of the mobile game. The tweet in question is already nearing 90,000 retweets – so fans are almost there! Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now as a free download for iOS and Android devices.


  1. When you see animal crossing picture and you thinking it’s about the switch but it’s actually pocket camp I mean do like this game but I just don’t love it like the other ones it does a better job then amiibo festival and happy home designer but it’s still missing some core mechanics, my main problem is the villagers instead of feeling like you actually have a good relationship with villagers it really feels like you have to do there bidding and work all the time just for you to get a more animal villagers into your camp and to have a somewhat aquatinted friend if just feels like a business thing

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