American Model Chrissy Teigen Criticizes Pocket Camp, Says It “Might Be Okay For Animal Crossing Newbies”

American model and Nintendo fan Chrissy Teigen recently took to Twitter to voice her opinion on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and how it compares to “real” Animal Crossing games. There are many elements in the new mobile title that she isn’t a fan of, including how animal characters act toward you – especially when they make you accomplish tasks in order to gain their so-called friendship. You can read some of her thoughts below:

“Pocket animal crossing might be okay for you AC newbies but for us tom nook loyalists it is merely a hit of the crack that is actual, real, animal crossing. It lacks the heart. The soul. It’s a sandwich with no meat. A car without tires. That said, I have spent $120 dollars on leaf tickets.

“These pocket animal crossing animal people things. They aren’t our friends. They’re jerks. Who makes certain couch demands before visiting someone’s house? Then shows a video montage of them sleeping on it. I hate these people. I’m actually getting angrier about this as I type it. What kind of crap is this teaching us? I need a hammock to have friends? Fruit will grow faster if I throw money at it? I’m deleting this.”


      1. ||Ancient Poodle, you get so easily offended…||

        ||However, Gods do get easily offended by everything, you all are as pathetic as humans…||

      2. What type of joke is that animal crossing has a wide user base, Although I do agree with darthchrisb so,e Americans are pretty low standard, I agree a bit with the lady but she’s like overreacting about a game made for kids

  1. I mean, it’s a mobile version. The only reason Ninty bothered was to fill the space before an inevitable Switch version and scrape a little extra cash off the masses with a popular IP. Of course it isn’t going to be the full experience, it wasn’t advertised that way lol

  2. I mean she’s probably right. It’s a free to play smartphone game so I expect a lot of nonsense and idiotic microtransactions. I admittedly haven’t played it yet but I also don’t have very high expectations.

      1. Why did she spent so much money on micro transactions animal crossing pocket camp rewards you heavily with leaf tickets, I even heard people complained that it should be more balanced she was dumb from the start to complained about since you can get leaf tickets by doing the simplest things, I mean it’s not a true ac but it’ll have to do untill switch makes its debut

      2. She never complained about the leaf tickets. She said it didn’t feel like an actual Animal Crossing experience. Whether she spent more than $100 on the game shouldn’t have anything to do with her intellect so it’s kind of wrong to call her a dumbass.

        Given, if she were to say she was scammed and wanted to sue Nintendo for this, then sure, I’ll agree that’s a stupid move, but it’s nowhere in that.

      3. Edit: sorry, I thought there was only one part of what she said, I didn’t see the second paragraph as I was scrolling. I agree now.

  3. “Tree will grow faster if I throw money at it”
    That was a killer… LMAO.
    No wonder she’s pissed.

    My advice… Please stick to playing Mario Kart on the Switch. Forget the mobile games. Fire Emblem is the only good one Ninty has done.

  4. It definitely doesn’t have the depth or heart/soul of the core AC games, but I dunno. I don’t think it’s horrible. It has the standard bullshit every F2P mobile title has, but aside from that it’s not too bad for a mobile game. But yeah, it’s nowhere near as good as the normal titles. It just makes me want AC on Switch even more lol.

  5. Why all the hate? She’s 100% correct. It ISN’T a proper AC game. I get that it’s helping new players get into the game (and that’s fantastic) but the fact remains that this is nothing compared to a proper Animal Crossing on a proper Nintendo system, not even close to the full experience.

    1. You said it yourself, Nintendo system. This is a mobile game, free-to-play to be more exact. It’s not going to be anywhere near the full experience of an Animal Crossing game. You are definitely right if this were a mobile game that you pay $10-$15 to play, or an official Switch game. But it isn’t.

      1. Actually it somewhat is. I thought about that too and I figured that the running and momento that you have throughout the course tries to mimic the classic Mario titles. The only control you’re losing is moving at will, but everything else remains with the platforming, timed jumps, and momento when moving.

        Don’t get me wrong, still not worth the $10 in my eyes, should’ve free to play, but still.

  6. That’s how the human work Chrissy, you buy your way. You are beutiful and so you pay with your beauty, that’s why life is decent for you. People that have nothing to offer do struggle. It’s human society, it’s human life, well represented by such kind of games. They don’t need to teach anything, lies aren’t better than truth. Still a good shelter.

    1. ||Once again Nintendo applies human nature to our mobile tools, a nature that is utterly pathetic…||

        1. ||It is a so called human and Norwegian is it not?…||

          ||Nontheless, it’s life is irrelevant for any purpose other than death…||

    1. Whether or not you find her attractive somehow determines her value in this conversation about Nintendo’s mobile ventures, which we’ve all participated in on this website? Shouldn’t we be happy that someone with a crap ton of followers is giving Nintendo free exposure and talking about Animal Crossing, a game with a large female fan base, with HER largely female fan base? Sounds like a good thing for Nintendo sales, which means more money for more development of more of our favorite games. And big voices making sure that mobile elements stay exclusively in the mobile games and not in our traditional gaming is a good thing too.

    1. Well I guess its a ratio thing. I’ve spent $12 on a game and realized later that I didn’t like it. If I made 10 times the money I do now, $120 wouldn’t feel that much different.

  7. …it’s a mobile game, don’t compare it to the main series. As far as the leaf tickets go, “real” animal crossing fans know the struggle with out freemium advantages, do unless she cheats in normal animal crossing I don’t know what she’s complaining about. Also if you play the main series for it not being like this, why would you spend $120 on a free game?

    1. Maybe because she didn’t realize the game was crap til after she spent that money? Plenty of people bought Sonic Boom in the hopes it’d be great in spite of being different from the usual only to find out how badly made it was.

  8. Oh damn, some random model who can’t properly structure her sentences stated that the Animal Crossing app sucks. I feel so attacked! …

    … Is what someone would say, if the case were that it was important. But wait, it’s not. I could care less what this woman has to say about this app. I like it, and that’s all that matters.

  9. Yet the Nintendo fans who hated mobile didn’t want a full fledged game on mobile because it would take away from their precious hardware.
    Nintendo called it from the beginning that you want the full experience, buy a console, mobile is just a taste of what they offer. Some of these ‘fans’ have a really short term memory.

    1. Right! 😅 how people flip flop on their views. It used to be fuck mobile this, cancer mobile that, Nintendo will never go mobile, and now its attack anyone that doesnt see how good this Nintendo mobile app is. 😆

  10. Did I step into a Yahoo comment section? Sure is a lot of hate for this celeb in here for expressing her opinion that some disagree with. A lot of people on Yahoo treat celebs like they aren’t human anymore & that their opinion is somehow meaningless. Their opinion has more weight than some of yours as they have thousands, if not millions, of like-minded followers. And who cares if she spent money on it? How many of you have bought a game then later regretted it? Or spent money to expand a game but regretted it later? Besides, to her, 120 bucks would pretty much equal 12 bucks, if not less, to the rest of us that probably only make a couple hundred in a month while she most likely makes a couple thousand a month. 120 bucks is most likely chump change to her.

  11. wait there are people hating on her who I mean to be honest she’s right about most things In Her tweet but the fact she spent $120 on leaf tickets there the easiest items to get in The game, so I just felt like that was stupid of her to do and that’s coming from a higher class person

    1. If I was making thousands every month, I’d have no qualms throwing away 120 bucks as that’d be chump change compared to 5000 bucks a month.

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