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Mario Says He Loves Princess Peach And Pauline As Friends

In the second episode of Send Your Letters to Mario, Nintendo’s chief mascot explains why he appreciates his friends as a response to a fan question. In his answer, Mario refers to Princess Peach and Pauline as his friends, who he says he loves because they help him find valuable items, such as Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. If you have questions for Mario, you can email him directly at You can check out episode 2 of Send Your Letters to Mario in the video below:



    So… When he proposed to Peach at the end of Odyssey, he did it as a platonic friend?
    And I always liked the theory that the original Jumpman and original Pauline are Mario’s parents. She’s obviously not the same red headed Pauline, no matter what Odyssey implies. After all Mario is only in his mid twenties thirty six years after the original Donky Kong game. And black haired Pauline is obviously not in her fifties.
    Want more proof?

    1. I can honestly never take MatPat seriously, he’s come up with way too much nonsense for me to even bother looking at any of his videos. The amount of people that argued with me about “Link being dead in Majora’s Mask” is entirely too much.

      1. “I can honestly never take MatPat seriously, he’s come up with way too much nonsense for me to even bother looking at any of his videos. The amount of people that argued with me about “Link being dead in Majora’s Mask” is entirely too much.”

        This. A thousand times, this.

        To deal with the tangent first, for every piece of evidence that lets you imagine link is dead in MM, there’s three pieces of evidence that directly state the opposite.

        As for this nonsense, he’s starting with a fundamentally faulty premise before he says a single word. He’s incorrectly assuming Mario is a series with true continuity. He’s more akin to Mickey Mouse. Like Mickey Mouse cartoons, Mario games are created anew every time from the ground up with little regard for what happened before or what will happen in the future. There is no creator intent of any continuity at all. What *tiny* amount there is, is merely a device for setting up that one game. Not to be taken seriously or ever discussed again. This is why Pauline is different in Odyssey. It’s not that there’s a vast and convoluted continuity. It’s that there’s no continuity at all. Of course, MatPat knows this, but it doesn’t stop his fans from being 100% serious in repeating the nonsense.

        The same is sadly true for 90% of Zelda games. They were never constructed to be one big contiguous story. No attempt to fit them into a timeline can ever make sense, because their differences make them hopelessly irreconcilable. The only reason the series has a timeline now is constant fan demand. Not that this continuity *matters* at all. The previous stories never effect the new stories. It’s more a pretend continuity Nintendo made for fans who refuse to accept the genre they’re playing. Not that I blame them. I would rather Zelda be a contiguous story myself.

      2. I’ve seen some of the dead Link stuff, and it’s an interesting interpretive lens to enjoy the game through, but arguing for definitive authorial intent without the author involved is not only impossible, it’s a waste of time. If a specific interpretation is useful to you and enhances your experience, then its worthwhile.

  2. Then why, pray tell,


    why did he offer Peach a flower to compete against Bowser and his piranha plant in the ending of Odyssey? That is not something one does as a friend.


    It just does not add up.

      1. ||The Resistance is nothing but a bunch of pretendos that need to be purged like the Xbot disease…||

      1. “Player 1, just to put it out there. ;D Poor mama Luigi.”

        I take this message as a declaration of Mario’s intent on Daisy. Poor Luigi indeed.

        1. They did not make goombella canon the pink goombas are called goombette I mean this might mean that there is a goombella in the main Mario universe so let’s call it semi canon

  3. Haha hahahaha hahahahahaha no.

    But, then again, after being friendzoned HARD by Peach (Pauline still appears to like Mario more than friends), Mario wouldn’t lose the free cakes she bakes.

    So, don’t get the girl, but get the food. I can get behind that. Beauty ends someday, hunger remais.

  4. Nintendo also stated that he wasn’t a plumber anymore, but Bowser calls him plumber(something?) in-game. Why aren’t the social media synced with those games?

  5. Look Mario I’m Sorry That You Didn’t Get A Chance To Marry Your Beautiful Peach But Just Because She Rejected You Doesn’t Mean She’s Not In Love With You Anymore and It Doesn’t Mean She Didn’t Wanted To Marry You It’s Just Not Right Moment To Do That with Bowser I First Saw You and Princess Peach In Super Mario 64 as 4 Years Old Kid It Would Be Better If You Wait For The Perfect Timing To Make Your Wish Happen Believe Me It Work, After What You Make Our Childhood Years Awesome We Wanted To Help You Make Your Chance of Happen In The Different Way That Way You Don’t Have To End Your Games and Your Story Series Too an Then Everybody Wins, But Right Now Enjoy Yourself with Your Friends, Your Family and Your Team Too

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