Nintendo Switch

You Can Now Send Letters To Mario’s Official Email Address At Nintendo

As part of its ongoing promotion for the critically-acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey game, Nintendo of America is inviting all Mario fans to send letters to the man himself via email. The company has also shared Mario’s official email address, which happens to be To learn more about this promo, check out the video below:



    1. Who knows they might just say like how they did with the luigi situation” wait for it”although that didn’t turn out well since we only got an outfit, maybe that was a hint for them saying he’s playable dlc by the way they said that in the official Mario odyssey interview


    2. Dear Mario I love your adventures I also like playing your favourite games I can’t wait to see your new adventures In super smash brothers ultimate and new super Mario party but what’s your favourite mario game you love to play.?
      from rajan


    3. if you can can you make a game called mario and luigi showbiz. when mario and the others have a party and there was a competition and the winner gets a star but bowser destroyed everything and mario and luigi to make everything right.


  1. So Mario when u were on this adventure did u go to different realms like Equestria, Green hill zone, anyworld because I want to know if it has the ability to go to different universes like my crown.


  2. Hello Mario! My name is Luke and well I have been playing you and Sonic for years but my question is what do you think of Sonic and do you think Super smash bros will make a return for switch. Any way thank you for having time to read this
    oh and at the moment im working on a Anime.

    yours truly Luke Gallagher :)


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