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Pokken Tournament DX On Switch Is About To Overtake The Wii U Version’s Life Time Sales In Japan

Pokken Tounament DX for the Nintendo Switch is about to surpass the Wii U version’s lifetime sales in Japan.

The Wii U version currently stands at 179k sold, whilst the Switch version is at 177, 835. This means that once the Switch has sold just 1165 more copies, it will surpass it’s predecessor.

It was almost guaranteed that this would happen eventually, given the success of the Switch and the added bonus of it’s portability with these types of games. We will keep you updated when other titles follow the same pattern.

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  1. lol If Nintendo just keeps on porting the good Wii U games that would end up beating all e Wii U copies it’s amazing that they sell better on the switch I just knew they do it

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