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The Upcoming Kirby Star Allies For Switch Has Seen Some Small Visual Improvements

We found out this week that we are getting Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch in March. The game was initially revealed back in the September 2017 Nintendo Direct presentation. Obviously the game has come quite a way since then, as we saw in the recent Nintendo Direct Mini for January. Twitter user Reserved has noticed a few nice visual touches that have been added to the game since its reveal and you can view those below and on the user’s Twitter account.

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Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


    1. The NES version holds up well. You could always pick up the 3DS Classics version of it on the cheap and give it a try. That and Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii are my favorites. Easy, relaxing games.

  1. This is amazing I notice Nintendo seems to add more textures when it comes to the finishing product I’m really happy the switch is getting all these goodies

  2. This game looks like a dream. Landing this for Switch is really super. Star Allies’ graphics air riding high on the canvas. Curses to how this looks so clear and crystal. Shards of footage are frustrating to see just from Kirby’s ad. Venturing into the game will make me squeak. Squads of fans will be lining up in mass. Attacks from this game look so epic. Yarn it all, I want it now, I’ll take it in triple! Deluxe improvements for this game actually help our planet. Robobot was amazing. Mirror Kirby was a fun return. To Dream Land, or on an adventure Wii go to dream! ‘Course we’ve got allies, but Kirby is the star. Stack’er up till they tilt ‘n tumble, is what the stores will say about this game of Kirby’s. Avalanches might be caused, but it’ll truly be a blowout blast.

  3. I wouldnt call the changes small, they are making a pretty big difference to me in the overall image. Looks great, will get it despite not really being a Kirby player so far.

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