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Developer Teases More DLC For The Binding Of Isaac

The developer behind The Binding Of Isaac, Edmund McMillen, recently took part in an online Q&A and one of his answers points towards more DLC potentially becoming available in the future. He states that there’s something on the horizon but a group of people are holding things up. His ambiguous answer is sure to excite fans but we’ll keep you posted on any announcements should they occur.

Q: Is this really the end of Isaac? no more dlc?

A: i did say many times this was going to be the last isaac DLC.. and at the time i strongly believed it. but there seems to be something pretty cool on the horizon, its creeping up slowly.. its familiar but a bit different and its being held up by a group of people… when i squint i think i can make out a… oh sorry i gotta go, there is someone watching me in my space ship.



  1. Id be really interested in this. When i picked up Binding for Switch, i blinked, looked up, and suddenly realized 90+ hours of my life had melted away.

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