Edmonton Police In Canada Are Warning Motorists To Not Drive Like They Do In Mario Kart

It might be a good idea to leave your Mario Kart-racing skills at home when you’re on the road. This piece of advice also applies to drivers in Canada, as per a notice sent out by the official Twitter account for Edmonton Police, which is warning motorists to not go about as if they’re playing a game of Mario Kart.


  1. How the fuck can people drive like they would in MARIO kart for real. I mean seriously, unless you got plenty of room for koopa shells and tons of banana skins AND you can drive upside down then it’s pretty much impossible.
    It’s just drunken idiots swirling all over the road, just nick em and be done with it.

  2. “And if you slip off the road, a Koopa won’t lift your vehicle and put you back on track within seconds. ”

    It’s called a Lakitu, dummies.

    Do they really expect people to listen to them when they use incorrect names?

      1. What he mean is atleast get the character description right since there are tons of different koopa species the only thing stupid about this is anybody who actually read the driver license book should know not to drive like there playing Mario kart this article is stupid and clickbait these are the type that draw people away from my nintendo, that would be like if people were just going around and eating random mushrooms and then police post on twitter not all mushrooms are good the dumbest part about this is that these are adults

        1. “Spiny Eggs, originally known as Spiny’s eggs[1], are the projectiles thrown by Lakitus. Spiny Eggs are small, usually red balls covered in spikes. Once they touch the ground, they turn into normal Spinies.”

          Anyone else?

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