Here’s F-ZERO X Mute City Remade Using Unreal Engine 4

CryZENx has returned with another classic remake using the stunning Unreal Engine 4. This time around the talented individual has recreated Mute City from the beloved F-Zero X. You can check out how the revamped game could look in the video below.


  1. this looks like a really good game although the musical track is a little on the quiet side it’s still very impressive for a fan creation of a classic game.

  2. This… is kind of horrendous. I think the music is tied to the speeder, that’s why the music gets louder in tunnels. There is all kinds of clipping going on with background space-cars. Although authentic, the low quality textures mixed in with brand new textures is super distracting. We may never see F-Zero again, and this will definitely not light a fire anywhere.

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