Nintendo Fanart: Super Mario World With Yoshi’s Island Art Style

A talented Nintendo fan has recreated several scenes from Super Mario World with the art style of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. You can see some screenshots of these fanmade recreations in the gallery below. Although both games were originally developed for the Super NES, the latter title had a more distinct art style thanks to the talents of the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. Nevertheless, both of them are among the greatest 2D platformers of all time.



  1. It looks better than I thought it would look. Imagine a Super Mario Bros game with this art direction. Also I wish future Yoshi’s Island games have this art style because the one from 3DS was kind of different.

  2. Though Yoshi’s island is a good looking game, I never understood some people’s obsession with its art style. Applying it to SMW gives the game the wrong atmosphere, and the Star Road there looks flat out ugly.

  3. I would adore a super MARIO world 2 game. Maybe for the 3ds with good use of the 3D. Chocolate mountain and cheese bridge etc.
    Brilliant setting and such a memorable platformer.
    These pics above are very good

  4. A ROM hack would require more than just a simple graphic swap because the new artwork here is drawn over placed tiles rather than added to existing tiles used to make the image. You would have to expand the ROM memory to fit more graphics in addition to other minor complications.
    I really hope someone does this, its a genuine improvement to the game and makes it feel fresh again.

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