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Japan: Here’s The New Games That Japanese Gamers Want On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch now has a solid library of games, but there’s plenty more titles out there which gamers would like to see appear on the system. Japanese gamers were recently polled by research site GooRanking regarding what franchise’s newest title would make them want to buy a Nintendo Switch. Kotaku reports that the survey got over two thousand replies. Here’s the results which may surprise you.

21. The new Inazuma Eleven – 34 votes

18. The new Rhythm Heaven – 36 votes

18. The new Dragon Quest Builders – 36 votes

18. The new Megami Tensei – 36 votes

17. The new Grand Theft Auto – 38 votes

16. The new Ace Attorney – 40 votes

15. The new Mario Maker – 48 votes

14. The new Harvest Moon – 51 votes

13. The new Resident Evil – 54 votes

12. The new Ogre Battle – 55 votes

11. The new Earthbound – 57 votes

9. The new Kingdom Hearts – 62 votes

9. The new Mario Party – 62 votes

8. The new Kirby – 65 votes

7. The new Tales – 69 votes

6. The new Taiko no Tatsujin – 70 votes

5. The new Final Fantasy – 112 votes

4. The new Fire Emblem – 125 votes

3. The new Pokemon – 163 votes

2. The new Smash Bros. – 205 votes

1. The new Animal Crossing – 214 votes



    1. Yeah seriously.

      Animal Crossing and Smash aren’t even confirmed. Pokemon and Fire Emblem don’t even have names or footage. Final Fantasy isn’t confirmed. Who seriously made this list?

    1. Gonna be waiting a very long while for GTAVI since GTAV’s online is making them tons of money with no signs of stopping. Sucks for those of us that prefer the single player of GTA over the online stuff. So I agree with this statement. Nice… No… GREAT joke!

    1. Uh, none of this is new. Everyone knows that Nintendo’s top franchises will always be the most wanted games of Nintendo system owners. This has been the case for a long time and should be a surprise to no one, especially third-parties.

  1. The new Ogre Battle? Has someone confirmed that franchise is still alive?

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