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Italy: Amazon Worker Is Caught Trying To Steal Nintendo Switch Games, Gets Arrested

There’s no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is becoming very popular all over the world with the hardware and software sales figures speaking for themselves. We’ve seen in the past that some Nintendo Switch consoles were stolen prior to launch with the consoles being resold and the individuals in question being dealt with my local authorities. Now, a warehouse worker at an Amazon distribution centre in Italy has recently been caught trying to steal Nintendo Switch games but they didn’t even make it out the door before being stopped and subsequently arrested. The 23-year-old was apprehended by security and was found to have 160 Euros worth of goods on him. He was later found to have been arrested previously for similar crimes.


Thanks to ContraNetwork for the news tip!


  1. Maybe he was trying to steal Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokken Tournament DX, because he already spent money on the Wii U versions (before the Switch was even announced).

    Seriously, articles like these are just here to make people in the comment section (the same people!) sound holier-than-thou and more moral in comparison, because they apparently don’t steal.

    1. Someone who does not steal is more moral than one that does.
      This site reports everything even remotely related to Nintendo.

      1. No shit.

        But people (the same people) are going to boast about how horrible that person is.

        Why turn a gaming news comment section into a moral discussion forum, especially when these people, who are usually jerks to each other over content they want and different opinions, suddenly grow a moral compass and want to call someone out for theft.

    2. Im pretty sure most if not all of these people have downloaded music or movies through p2p, or used an emulator and downloaded roms. Hypocrisy is just not funny, but making fun of people that get caught is lol.

      1. So that’s what it’s come to, the fandom rat races.

        Selfish apathetic people. But don’t you ever dare wish death on a sleazy CEO, developer, or ex-writer.

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