Nintendo has commented on the Switch leak that occurred a couple of days ago. In fact, a representative at Nintendo fully explained what had happened, saying that “earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.”

The statement closed with the representative saying that “Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time.”




        • do people typically spend money on things they’re not fond of? I could see if he was given one as a “review unit” what better non biased opinion than that of someone who isnt a fan, but they said this guy spent money on it, and again giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. still doesn’t change the fact that this presents Nintendo with a few options on how to deal with this. It would be nice for everyone that IS a fan to see the company take what very well could have been an honest mistake and treat it as such. It would be cool if hiphoprobot got his money back and Nintendo secured him a console to purchase. I think it would be really cool if Nintendo said “Hey HHRobot, looks like you got burned there pretty good, maybe this will make you feel better” BOOM, Switch on release date.


    • Uh, no. It’s obvious the guy knew that what he was doing was wrong when he bought it off the other guy. He even lied about how he obtained it. “accidentally shipped pre-order” He had a full understanding that he couldn’t tell the truth because he knew what he was doing (buying it off from some guy, maybe he knew) was wrong. Everyone knows the Switch comes out worldwide on the 3rd of March. He deserves nothing from Nintendo. If anything, he should be considered lucky not to be charged as well.

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    • Why should they I’m a 100% sure he knew the system wasn’t coming out until the 3rd. True fact if you knowingly purchase something that’s a stolen good and you get caught with I said goods. Due to the fact you have these goods you can be charged with possession of stolen items. Now you may try to argue he didn’t know they were stolen but we know facts.

      1. He did not the system from a retailer.
      2. He does not have a store receipt for the stolen items.
      3. If he did get the item or was offered it he should have reported said individual to Nintendo and I bet they would have rewarded him with a console and games or something.

      He is getting no love.

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  1. people are fucking stupid to take such unnecessary risks. the damn thing is less than a month away. I’m speaking of course to the retards who stole the console to resell it early.

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  2. Well then, I guess a few people wanted Nintendo Switch that bad. Hupm there just being criminals who want that console that much. I guess it did got stolen. Looks like they served some judgement in the court.


  3. I have a brilliant idea. Im going to steal something that is insanly popular, (or buy it out of the back of a van) then post it on the internet, using an account that can be tracked back to me to make sure I get caught. What could go wrong? #DarwinAwardRunnerUp

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    • You might think twice before posting First the next time.
      But if retailer had noticed the stolen units, and was not lazy enough and checked the inventory, since they usually know the serial numbers of the items sold, they could have just informed Nintendo, and the console could have been bricked as soon as it connects to Nintendo network.
      I would not steal anything that has the ability to connect to internet, especially if the connection goes to the manufacturers servers.

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      • In this day and age, it would surly be risky, as you say. He probably would have got away with it if he had waited til after march 3rd.

        I havent gone to the work to get the full story, but I read a comment that he was going to sell it? So yeah. IDK. Seems like a blundered set of events by several people. And with a high-profile item like switch,… not a smart move.

        Now, If he legit had got it by a mistaken preorder shipping early, then this would be a differemt story.


        • Yeah, only one to blame would have been the retailer, and Nintendo will not ship early for retailers that sell before release date.
          And if it was just shipped/sold early, the owner would not have to return it.


  4. Nintendo owe nothing to this guy. Not only did he buy his Switch knowingly weeks before the day of release but he leaked it to the world and he should have been well aware of what the consequences of that might be. He got his bit of internet fame so he should be satisfied.


  5. As if there already weren’t enough Switch units to go around on day one, now people are stealing them. With my luck lately, my Switch will probably get stolen during delivery and I won’t be able to play Zelda until July!


    • I’m pretty sure thugs wanted that so bad without paying for it. Or maybe steal from another person for no reason. Tsk tsk tsk. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they know what Nintendo Switch does. I’m sure of it.


  6. I’m pretty sure it was GameStop. I live near their corporate headquarters and warehouse in Grapevine, TX and drive by there on a fairly regular basis. Over the course of the past week or so, there have been huge traffic backups and security checkpoints for those leaving the facility.


    • What happens when retailer notices the stolen units and reports to Nintendo?
      Most retailers do keep track of their stock by barcodes, and sure they gonna notice that that they are missing few units if they’re all sold out, but system is still showing X units on stock.
      My retailer would send me ready for pick up notice upon ordering, and I would be moderately pissed if I drove up there and their excuse was that it was stolen and my order had to be moved to the next shipment.

      But the point was, if retailer informs Nintendo, that these serial numbers were never sold but are missing, Nintendo could brick the console once it connects to the servers.


  7. ||You heard it yourselves cattle, High Command terminated these disgusting vermin just as we do to all who oppose us…||

    ||The First Order has agents everywhere, you have been warned…||

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