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RocketCat Games Is “Looking Into” Bringing Wayward Souls To The Switch

Every day, a dev team seems to open up about what they may do with their games for Nintendo Switch. RocketCat Games is no exception, and the team have revealed that they are “not sure” about a Switch port of Wayward Souls. However, they are “looking into it” nevertheless. Wayward Souls is a game that came out two years ago on mobile devices, but the game has been in the process of being ported to various platforms, such as the PC. As for what Wayward Souls is, the game is described as an “action-adventure dungeon crawler with randomized levels and permanent death. It features quick, twitch-based combat where tactics, positioning, and timing matter, controlled through touchscreen gestures. It’s designed for quick playthroughs and lots of replay value”. If you want to see what Wayward Souls is like, we’ve included a trailer for it down below. Whatever RocketCat Games is planning for Wayward Souls, expect them to be juggling that and another game that the team is currently working on, Death Road To Canada.

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