UK: Nintendo Labo Hands-On Workshop Requires You To Bring A Child

To showcase the recently unveiled Nintendo Labo, Nintendo will be holding a showcase event for you to gets some hands-on time with the inventive product. The UK event will be taking place in London between 14th-17th February in South Kensington. However to be able to attend you need to bring a child if you are an adult. You can sign up for the event on Nintendo UK’s official site. Children must be between ages of seven and 15.



  1. I’ve seen a lot of morons get angry over Nintendo Labo, but what those morons didn’t realize is Nintendo specifically designed Nintendo Labo to attract CHILDREN O_O
    Now if you’re an adult and are interested in Nintendo Labo than have at it, more power to yo, but if you are angry because Nintendo isn’t announcing the games you want them to announce (even though there’s another Direct coming very soon that will announce new Switch games) then you are just straight up super retarded:/

  2. Got my nephew signed up with me… he’s 5 but he beats me on Mario Kart so it’d be rude not to take him.

      1. Settle down there, Kylo Ren. You won’t be usurping Supreme Leader “Snoke” Kimishima any time soon. xD

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