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Stardew Valley Was The Most Downloaded Game On The Switch In 2017

Farming simulation game Stardew Valley was the most downloaded game on the Switch last year, despite it only coming out in October.

The game came out on top over Minecraft, along with Sonic Mania in third, and Rocket League in forth place. However, it was a slightly different outcome in Japan with Stardew Valley coming second to Minecraft.

Considering Harvest Moon’s and Story of Season’s fan base, it’s not surprising that Stardew did so well in the download charts.


5 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Was The Most Downloaded Game On The Switch In 2017”

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  2. Gees, oh my, this is impressive!
    An indie game being the most downloaded game, I can’t imagine how the creator is feeling right now, it must be a life achievement hahah. That’s so great. But I can understand, the game is fantastic, the harvest moon everyone always wanted but that never came until this guy did this masterpiece of game. A unique person, right? A unique person can do better than an entire company.. they must have to watch themselves

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