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Game Files Discovered In Super Mario Odyssey Suggest We Could Get Zombie, Link, Santa Outfits

We know that new costumes are coming to Super Mario Odyssey though we don’t know when or which costumes they will be. Twitter user Random Talking Bush has unearthed some details from digging into the game and it appears as though we could expect a variety of costumes including a Link Outfit, a Santa Outfit and a Zombie Outfit. It’s not apparent as to whether these are upcoming costumes for Mario or if they were ones the development team decided to shelve.




  1. A Link outfit would be interesting, but the one question I have… would it be the Champion’s Tunic from BotW or would it be Link’s more iconic green tunic?

    Also the Santa outfit would be interesting to have released Holiday 2018, since that would be a interesting way to promote the game during the “Christmas” season.

    And the Zombie Outfit… well we already have a skeleton outfit, so a zombie outfit would be interesting anyways.

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  2. Continuing off what Natsumi stated, I would be interested to see how the Link outfit would tie into the game. I personally would have to see it to understand it, otherwise it seems like a rather odd idea.

    The Santa outfit would be a funny idea, and would probably be a great outfit to wear around Shiveria. It would probably suit it better than the “Ice Climber-esce” suit they have now.

    And, yes, as Natsumi pointed out, Mario already has a skeleton outfit, so a zombie outfit wouldn’t be to far out. I’m not sure where they would draw inspiration with with that idea though. Most every outfit that Mario wears has a meaning behind it, even the skeleton (somewhat). The zombie does seem slightly harder to picture within the Odyssey world(s), but of course Nintendo usually seems to be able to find a way.

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  3. Meh, I didn’t see the point in the costumes, I didn’t use any as they didn’t offer anything in game… SMO was good but cmon Ninty! Galaxy 3!


      1. Of course, playable Luigi is way higher than costumes. I’ve got a feeling we won’t be seeing it though.

        You almost would think if they were going to do DLC they would have announced it by now. I mean, the game is perfectly built to add on extra kingdoms, so I don’t know what is up there.


  4. I wish they would do this for Breath of the Wild with regular updates to add more armor options for Link. Of course, they’d have to get rid of that stupid limit in the armor inventory.


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