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US: Toys R Us Set To Close 180 Stores

Retail chain Toys R Us are due to close 180 stores across the United States. The plan is to restructure the company and emerge from bankruptcy protection. The closure of certain stores will begin in February and will continue through to mid-April. You can view which Toys R Us stores are closing here.


12 thoughts on “US: Toys R Us Set To Close 180 Stores”

  1. Toys ‘R’ Us was my saving grace on the release day of the Switch. I was foolish enough not to pre-order, so I was running around town with every place being sold out. My mum of all people ended up suggesting I checked out Toys ‘R’ Us, since it’s where I used to get all my games as a wee lad. They had quite a few left, probably because no one longer remembers the store’s existence.

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Toys-R-Us! You guys could sell out to Disney. With their acquisition of Fox’s library of entertainment media, they would have more than enough IPs to fill an entire store with toys, movies, & video games. Disney World Store! Coming to a town near you! lol

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