Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Of America Says Nindies Are Exceeding Nintendo’s Expectations

IGN has published an informative article about the state of indie titles on the Nintendo Switch. They recently had the opportunity to chat with Kirk Scott, Manager of Business Development at Nintendo of America’s Publisher and Developer Relations department, to talk all about the recent surge of Nindies on the Nintendo Switch and what’s to come in 2018. You can give the article a read here. Scott says that Nindies are currently exceeding Nintendo’s expectations and they couldn’t be happier.

“If you look at the best sellers on the eShop, you will obviously see Mario and Zelda, but you will also see the best-selling indie digital titles,” Scott told IGN, noting games like Axiom Verge, Overcooked, and Stardew Valley are a handful of Nindies exceeding Nintendo’s expectations.




  1. Small tribes that found daily life difficult within the confines of the industrial PC, have taken the chance, and migrated towards greener fields. And within the boundaries of the green green, Hyrule, Mushroom fields… They have found solace and pledged their loyalty.

    There are 3 pretenders that still have yet to do so. My patience for them grows thin.

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  2. To be honest, this is kind of a stupid statement. Indie titles are pretty much the only thing available on the E-Shop at the moment. What do you expect? Millions of people own a switch and turn to the e-shop when their bored of major 1st party games. I’m sick of hearing of indie games being ported or being announced for the switch. Love my switch and have had hell of a gaming experience so far, but I think it’s safe to say the “virtual console” is long over due. Surprised we’ve heard literally nothing about it yet. Only the fact we’re getting the “paid” services later this year. Cmon Nintendo…. even fkn Netflix or a web browser would be nice.


    1. Dude, we have plenty of first and third parties to choose from and we’re still throwing in some more content for 2018. New Kirby, Dark Souls, Wolfenstein 2, Payday 2, Bayonetta 3 with 1+2 ports so you have a trilogy, new Mario Tennis (IDK why that and not another Mario Strikers or Sports Mix), Metroid Prime 4, possible GTA5 (I hope to God the port happens because that’s when shit gets really interesting), Pokemon Gen 8, the list goes on dude. Indies is just an extra and at least it won’t fill up the Switch’s shelves with Shitware again like Wii days.


      1. How’d I know someone was gonna reply a comment on what’s upcoming throughout the year? I get it. Nintendo have been busy. Nintendo have impressed the living fuck out of me these past few years. I’m not saying they are lazy. Just really thought virtual console could have been a main focus during launch man, but it is what it is.


      2. Excuse me, “a few years”? Including that pathetic Pii U’s final moments of mediocrity? lol Like say, E3 2015…that even is what made me quit Nintendo for 2 years.


      3. The main problem with this is most of the games are just Wii U Ports or late releases like Wolfenstein 2 can already be had on PS4 and Xbox One for like $35 new on amazon, but it will be $60 on the Switch, and as for Payday 2 we haven’t even seen any real gameplay of the Switch version and it is releasing very soon kind of weird isn’t it? I for one didn’t purchase a Switch just to play ports of Wii U games that I already own.


      4. And what are the games for PS4/XB1 in it’s early stage?…same last gen shit and nobody bats any eye about it. Give me a better excuse next time.


    2. How can you be bored with first and third party titles? They literally drop at least one a month, so unless you’re playing 10+ hours a day every day, there’s no way you are out of things to do.

      I mean, yeah, indi games are always welcome, since they are so cheap and entertaining, and yes, the VC and Netflix are wanted. At this point, it’s apparent that the VC will drop with the online service, and instead of paying $5 for one single NES title, you will probably have access to a rotating selection of games as part of the online service, and access to all the games for a premium account or something. I’d gladly pay $20 a year for the service and say another $5 a month or something, to have access to the entire library of VC titles.

      Just be patient with the online service and VC. It’s coming, as will Netflix, since your phone, tablet, TV and laptop aren’t fulfilling your Netflix needs for some reason.


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