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Video Capture Coming To Pokken Tournament DX On Nintendo Switch Wednesday

It was announced during EVO Japan that Pokken Tournament DX will be getting 30 second video capture on the Nintendo Switch. The patch is due on Wednesday and also adds Aegislash to the game as well as various balance patches for the many Pokemon available in the entertaining title. More details should be coming soon.




  1. I almost don’t know why they even bother. It’s like if you’re not following news and stuff, and played a lot of Pokkén, you’re used to not have that function by now. But hey, better late than never.


    1. This reply is not related to your comment.

      Did you remember last year Nintendo did a Fire Emblem direct in february? I think it will happen again

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      1. For the older FE games I played:
        Shadow Dragon (which is my favorite)
        Binding Blade
        Blazing Sword
        Sacred Stones


      1. The game that should be free and no one really cared about? The same game which people refers to as “The milking game” ? That THING isn’t complete by itself.


      1. Exactly. Universal recording up to 5-10 minutes. Is it that much to ask for? Remember when MK8 on Pii U only shared 30 second clips on YouTube and Miiverse at multiple close up angles? Nobody fucking cared.


      2. I don’t know if it’s because of memory limitation or whatever which makes it only go for 30 second. PS4 and Pro had different quality and record times just to point out that hardware matters.

        But the problem is that those 30 seconds is just for “Oh hey I did something lol just now, I got the show it to my friends”. But Pokkén is old already for a second time. All those months that people ” needed” it and they still need to wait xD It’s so stupid.


      3. Well, we might as well still buy those capture cards.

        Also, Pokken was never that interesting to begin with. Only barely 20 characters with a few clones? Smash Bros. Melee from 2001 had a better roster than this.


      4. Yeah, I slayed Pokkén on Wii U on our YT-channel. I was like: “Am I seriously not getting Hitmonlee, Primeape and Hitmonchan?” I’m lucky to have PVR and capable PC’s to record Switch footage. Nintendo is making it hard to share, and those 30 seconds of footage looks terrible.


      5. They have a fucking ghost Chandelier for a fighter but not a kicking or boxing fighter from first gen? That’s bullshit. Not even a Mega Swampert. I’m telling you, half of the roster makes not sense while 10% of it are clones. Don’t even get me started on it’s $15 DLC pack for only 2 more fighters…

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  2. How can you possibly record single pokken match With just 30 sec? Not bashing the whole idea but I think Nintendo really need to increase video capture limit.


    1. They should for sure given it’s possible, 30s is more than enough for a good wall splat combo though. Want the entire match make a replay feature instead.


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