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Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Producer Yosuke Hayashi Shares Message With Fans

One game that some of you may have missed out on is Hyrule Warriors. We found out in the recent Nintendo Direct that it is coming to the Nintendo Switch as Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. The game features 29 playable characters and also sees the return of the Challenge Mode. It also allows you to have the ability to switch between characters on the battlefield. The game is currently 95% complete, which is good news as it’s due out in Japan soon. Here’s the message from the producer Yosuke Hayashi:

“It was announced during a Nintendo Direct a few days ago, but Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be released on Nintendo Switch on March 22 in Japan.

This title will include both Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends with all additional content. We’ve been receiving a lot of requests from our fans that they “want to play Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch,” so we’re able to realize this project.

We’ve tuned the game for Nintendo Switch, upgraded the graphics to full HD, and adjusted the balance so that the game becomes easier to play.

Furthermore, it will also have new features like additional costumes from Breath of the Wild and Joy-Con share play.

This is truly the ultimate Hyrule Warriors, so to both players who have never played it and those who have experienced the game, please kindly play this.”




    1. Yeah, Nintendo had a nasty habit of making their must-have games for Wii U available on its spoiled cousin 3DS after using the former as a guinea pig. Funnily enough, the 3DS more often than not got the WORSE version (HW Legends barely functioned, Super Mario Maker for 3DS couldn’t even upload levels online thus defeating the entire purpose, etc.)


      1. Ignore that last reply. I hit the wrong comment for it. BTW, I could care less about those ports because 1. I don’t remotely find myself interested in Hyrule Warriors and 2. I know about the 3DS’s lack of level sharing which made everybody stratch their heads to why they port that game if they don’t think the Pii U port would sell but then remove the one thing that gave the game a sense of replayability: Level sharing. So I decided not to care. I know you would also mention Yoshi’s Wooly World but that game caught my eye and I tried the demo and found myself surprised that it looks and runs almost identical as Pii U so I was gonna buy it eventually. I know it kinda bothers you to see Wii U ports on Switch but..who gives a shit about Wii U in the first place? It didn’t even peak 14 million at the end of it’s life for God’s sake.


    1. I’m glad more people will be able to play the game if they want to on a system that totally deserves the game, but as for a Day-1 adopter of the Wii U original who bought all the DLC and spent several hours leveling up my warriors, I think I’ll stick with what I got.


  1. This is good for people not having bought one of the previous versions; for the rest, it would be better if they were releasing a new version instead of a port. Having leveled up many of my characters and having only finished four maps so far, I will not start from scratch again.


  2. Is it too much to hope the animations for stuff like scarves, dresses, & overskirts actually flow more naturally when Zelda or Link run around? That was always a problem I had with the original game. Other games in the Warriors franchise definitely have much better animations for stuff like that. But hey! Booty…err… BotW Zelda costume! :D lol

    A shame the Champions will get fucked over & be turned into alternate costumes for other characters instead of being kickass playable characters with their own unique movesets… :/


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