Nintendo Switch

The Brazilian Ratings Board Is Listing De Blob, Legend Of Kay Anniversary, ELEX & Rad Rodgers For Switch

A few days ago, we covered the news of GameStop listings for Legend Of Kay Anniversary and De Blob on Nintendo Switch. Well, it turns out that another place has a listing of these two THQ Nordic games. This time, however, these games have two more titles joining them. Listings for De Blob, Legend Of Kay Anniversary, ELEX and Rad Rodgers have appeared on the Brazilian ratings board. All four of these games are listed for a release on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has not commented on the matter, and THQ has also remained silent.




    1. It’s a nice little action adventure, albeit with a few flaws. Although the Switch version would at least include the “new camera” option right from the start, resolving at least one of those flaws. Presumeably it has to be activated in the options first like in the Wii U version, but in my opinion this new camera definitely feels much better than the old one.


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