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Square Enix Reveals Improvements To Project Octopath Based On Demo

Square Enix has today revealed some of the changes coming to the upcoming Project Octopath Traveler based on consumer feedback. The company released the released the demo back in September and have announced that it’s already been downloaded over a million times. The video, which you can watch below, talks about the improvements they have been working on in response to getting consumer feedback from over 45,000 participants.

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  1. awesome. i also noticed when you come across a monster encounter, the transition to the battle screen is not a seizurely white flash of light, but a smoother black fade.


  2. Hoping in the release version, the enemies have a little bit more animation to them. At the very least give them an attack frame.


  3. They addressed most of my concerns but a big one for me was a visible character art during dialogue. It was kind of weird hearing them speak and only being able to see the sprites without any emotion or anything. Hopefully, they add that in I really think it would make the scenes a lot better if you can see character art expressing the emotions like most traditional RPGs do.


    1. That’s what I like of Bravely Default and Bravely Second. That the characters do express themselves. I hope they include expression in this one too because its something a lot of us enjoy.


  4. Interesting, they’ve actually updated the demo. My biggest complaint was the aliasing. That and, I thought it was weird that running was like shifting gears in a car. Rather than holding B like in traditional RPG’s, you “toggle” running with the B button. But I’m glad they went for a more modern approach of just tilting the control stick all the way. I assume visual improvements are going to be saved for last.


    1. I hope they make character movement like in Bravely Default and Bravely Second because it feels excellent to move in any direction instead of what I have see in Octopath Traveler which is my only issue.

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