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According To Konami, Super Bomberman R Has “Continued To Perform Well”

It wasn’t just Nintendo that reported their financial results this week. So did Konami. Konami’s financial results report recently came out, and it included some information on Super Bomberman R, which released last year. According to Konami, Super Bomberman R has “continued to enjoy stable performance”. They also said that the game has “continued to perform well”. Konami didn’t give any sales numbers, but it’s just another sign on that software on the Nintendo Switch is doing very well.



      1. Painkillers and tired… and bad at English… Norwegian… bad excuses… lazy… you know… mix it all together and you get the worst of both worlds. That’s how that song went, right?

        What I meant was that the developers themselves, those guys ACTUALLY making the game, those guys with the passion for this game — they deserve praise. Konami as a company don’t deserve those developers nor the praise.

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      2. He is talking about the Hudson developer, which now are under the control of Konami, did a good job I agree with hin

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  1. I still will never forgive them for how they treated Kojima and now tainted his legacy by turning Metal Gear Solid into a fucking Deadrising knockoff which is not remotely fitting for the series tone.


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